Inclusive Education through Arts

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Different people learn in different ways. Each of us develops his or her learning style, capacities, preferences, and limitations. Some prefer to start with practical action and then reflect on what does or does not work, others prefer to have the theoretical explanation first. It’s important to learn how to combine positive sides of different personal styles and different methodological approaches to reach as many people as possible. We learn from our own experience, from others, from the group, and through action.
During the course, participants could work out different tools and techniques to engage students’ critical thinking and enhance their creativity. Therefore they would learn, how to apply various active learning methods to establish diversity and inclusion. Through art- based teaching tools, we support children and young people to recognize and strengthen their personal and social skills.
At the end of the seminar participants will be able to answer the following questions:
✓ How can I integrate the shyest students or students with emotional disabilities disorders through interactive and experiential methods and using arts?
✓ How do I prevent or confront bullying in my class or school community?
✓ How do I recognize the diverse dynamics and roles in my group and how could I
support its growth?
✓ How is it possible to promote the personal and social skills of the pupils using arts
and action methods, such as psychodrama or sociodrama?
✓ What are the qualities of an instructor?
We offer a wide range of educational activities that can benefit from the use of a variety of psychodrama and action methods. These can enhance and add both educational and enjoyment value to educational events and lead to a better experience for both the facilitators and the students.

By the end of the course participants should be able to get familiar with the following:
✓ Psychodrama.
✓ Sociodrama .
✓ The optical impulse.
✓ The power of observation.
✓ Theater pedagogy.
✓ Music educational activities to promote diversity.
✓ Comic creation.
✓ Creative Writing or Storytelling.
✓ Steps to produce a mystery story with the students.
✓ The puppet theater meets different fairytales.
✓ Board games in education: How to make a board game in the classroom.
✓ Sculptures with clay

-Target Groups
The course is aimed at educators and youth workers, who are interested in the implementation of participative, inclusive structures in their work and who want to support children and adolescents in their social and personal development, through experiential learning. The workshop includes some theoretical part and indoor and outdoor activities

- Methods & Tools
The methodology used for the course will be primarily based on practical activities inspired by experiential teaching, with practical simulations, analysis, discussion and exchange of experiences and good practices among participants.


Day 1
✓ Introductory meeting, explanation of practical arrangements, presentation of timetable, information about course venue.
✓ Icebreakers, Introduction to the Course
✓ Creativity and critical thinking: The advantages of learning through Art
Day 2
✓ The role of the trainer and the importance of the environment, which provides learning through curiosity.
✓ Art as a tool for inclusive learning (case studies).
✓ From the observation to creation.
✓ Art and inquiry learning: Working with objects and paintings

Day 3
✓ Creative writing and storytelling: Let’s make a mystery story
✓ Design a comic step by step with your students
✓ Basic techniques in working with fairytales and puppet theatre

Day 4
✓ Psychodrama tools in Education
✓ Sociodrama as a transformative setting
✓ Monodrama and working with symbols

Day 5
✓ Excursion in a museum or a cultural place Sculptures with clay.

Day 6
✓ The influence of music in the learning process
✓ Develop a board game with the children for the diversity
✓ Floor games for the restless hours

Day 7
✓ Follow-up activities
✓ Course Evaluation
✓ Certifications

Course organiser
Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Heraklion, Greece

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Sono stata molto soddisfatta del corso al quale ho partecipato: organizzazione ottima, disponibilità tutale di tutti gli organizzatori, coinvolgimento da parte degli insegnanti. Il corso al quale ho partecipato è stato organizzato da ERASMUS LEARN

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Il corso è stato molto pratico e mi ha permesso di mettermi in gioco. Inoltre ha fornito stimoli concreti da riutilizzare in classe con i bambini. Con l'aiuto dei partecipanti e degli insegnanti che sono sempre stati disponibili, sono riuscita anche a superare alcune difficoltà di comprensione.

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This course is a combination of quality and friendliness. Every single part of the course was so motivating, supportive and educational. I met inspiring people with profound knowledge and skills in the areas of teaching. It far exceeded my expectations!

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The course provider comunicated promptly and answered all the questions I had had before the course started. They offered us information related to the programme, the content of the course and the tasks I had to accomplish during the course. The programme was well-balanced, containing training and intercultural activities. The course was well-structured and the trainers were well- prepared. The information was clear, practicality prevailed. The trainer offered us ready-made resources to be used. I have learned inclusive methods and techniques that I will apply in the future in my classroom and I am now able to contribute to the development of the inclusive strategy of my school, which is one of the main objectives of the project.

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Between July 19 - 25, 2021, I had a unique professional experience by participating in the international training course entitled ,,Inclusive education through Arts”, provided by the Erasmus Learn organization in Heraklion Crete. I understood from day one that Erasmus Learn is a training center that holds far reaching experience in designing and implementing international training courses and learning mobility projects for teachers, education staff and students with the support of European programs, especially Erasmus +. Being the first experience of this kind for me, everything seemed extraordinary to me. I was deeply impressed by the punctuality and hospitality of the organizers, by the good training and originality of the trainers, by the diversity of activities, by the way in which those who were at our disposal during the seven days of the course tried to make a quality inclusive education through art therapy. I started on this challenge at first shyly, but the moment I stepped into the opening room of the course activities I realized that my presence there is an opportunity to learn from the good practices of other countries, through which I will strengthen professional skills, through which I will create new connection. The trainers showed skill, empathy, charisma and thanks to them the experience lived in Crete was wonderful. I would like to repeat such an adventure at the Oloklirosi Lifelong Learning Center in Heraklion Crete and I recommend to all those who strive for professional perfection to embark on such a challenge.

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It's my firm belief that this course will help all the participants to improve their teaching skills in a way that inclusion will become a cornerstone in every classroom. I am eager to go back at my school and put everything I learned into practice and share this wonderful experience with my colleagues. I am also convinced now, more than ever, that Erasmus Learn is a serious organization. All the trainers & mentors I worked with, were well prepared, friendly and creative as they provided guidance to anybody that needed it.

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Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Erasmus Learn by Oloklirosi
Rating: 4/552 users


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