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Using technology in the classroom is not just about bringing digital devices in class. Technology allows for more active learning, collaboration and interaction with your students, and this course will provide you with hands-on, practical ways to use free online programmes and tools in your lessons. The course is specifically designed to develop your skills in ICT and help you integrate technology in your lessons. Specialised knowledge is not required, apart from a basic knowledge of using the Internet and a text editor programme. The language of instruction is English. All teaching, exercise and practical material are provided in English. French available if more than four participants request that.

During this course you will:
- get an overview of the current trends in using ICT and digital resources in teaching.
- familiarise yourself with the best apps, web platforms and digital tools to facilitate learning.
- learn how to use digital tools to make learning more interactive and motivating for your students.
- get hands-on experience in using ICT in a pedagogically sound way in the classroom.
- plan your own digital exercises and lessons for your classroom.
- discuss and exchange ideas with other course participants in a multicultural environment.
- network with teachers and staff members working in the field of education in Europe.

This seven-day course is aimed at teachers of English and other languages, other subject teachers, class teachers and other professionals who would like to learn how to use a variety of software and online tools and make their classroom more interactive with technology.

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Espoo, Finland

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