Entrepreneurial Tools and Competencies for Teachers and their Students - Cluj-Napoca

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Possessing entrepreneurial skills and knowledge of management tools is not only important for business owners. Entrepreneurial skills as teachers help us improve key areas of our domain – classroom management, planning the learning process, bringing the best out of our students and preparing them for the employment market. Furthermore, if we empower students with entrepreneurial skills we open them up to many opportunities; for example, negotiation, leadership, management or presentation skills. These are all transferrable skills which will be beneficial for them whichever career-path they choose to follow. Not to mention their personal lives.

Our course focuses on one hand on the development of entrepreneurial skills for teachers, so that the teaching-training process becomes more qualitative and efficient. On the other hand, the course focuses on empowering teachers with tools and knowledge to be able to develop their students’ entrepreneurial skills within the classroom and better prepare them for the future.

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