Diversity in Education. Developing Intercultural and Communication Skills for working

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Internationalisation covers a wide range of contexts: receiving students from abroad, sending students abroad, teacher exchange programmes, international projects, as well as dealing with cultural diversity in the home classroom. This course is aimed at teachers and educators who would like to gain a better understanding of and develop skills for working with diversity in a range of educational contexts. The objectives of this course are to raise awareness of the influences of diversity on behaviour, coming from both culture and personality; and also to explore how to integrate this type of training into classroom
activities for both staff and students.

This course is for teachers and educators who wish to develop their skills for participating in internationalisation activities at home (receiving foreign students and teachers, teaching students from diverse cultural backgrounds) and abroad (international exchanges and projects). It is also aimed at teachers and
educators working with migrants and refugees. The training aims to provide a better understanding of and skills for dealing with the challenges of diversity within education. More specifically, the course raises awareness of the influences of culture , personality and diverse abilities on behaviour, and develops skills for managing diversity in the classroom. Finally, it explores how to integrate insights from the training into an institutional environment

By the end of the course participants will:
Gain a better understanding of the challenges of working with diversity in education
Develop an awareness of culture and its impact on behaviour, especially communication
Develop skills and competences for working with culturally diverse groups
Gain an understanding of coping with diverse abilities
Explore solutions to the challenges of working with migrants and refugees
Gain knowledge of how to deal with different personalities
Develop a plan for integrating intercultural training into their institutions and classrooms
Develop fluency and practise expressing oneself more confidently in English.

Course Fee : Euro350
Programme fee : Euro 100
which includes Registration Fee and Social Programme - 2 cultural guided tours to Valletta Malta's Capital city and Mdina , the Medieval city

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
St.Julian's, Malta

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
ETI -Executive Training Institute
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