Professional Communication Skills (in English)

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Communicating in today’s workplace requires a mix of language knowledge and business communication skills. English language knowledge gives you the security that you are using the correct forms; communication skills in English give you the ability to build relationships and accomplish tasks. Taken together these two elements will ensure you have the necessary skills to perform competently in English, in a professional environment.

This course is for all educators, administration staff and other professionals who wish to concentrate on real practice of their business communication skills in English.

During the course you will be given opportunities to:

develop both the language needed for you to operate in an international working environment, and the professional skills for effective communication in English.improve your skills in giving presentations, negotiating, attending and chairing meetings, writing emails and socializing.gain better intercultural awareness and socializing abilities.further develop your ability to respond in a fluent and accurate manner in English in various professional scenarios that you will encounter in your everyday professional life.

Course Fee : Euro 350.00
Programme Fee : Euro 100.00 includes the registration fee, airport transfers and one cultural guided tour to Malta's Capital- Valletta

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
St.Julian's, Malta

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
ETI -Executive Training Institute
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