Fluency and English Language Development for Educational Staff

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This 1 week course is ideal if you are looking to improve your English language skills and further develop your fluency and communication skills in English. No matter what level of English you are at, we can address your language and communication needs.

This course is ideal for teachers, tutors, trainers and/or educators who wish to develop their fluency and communication skills to express themselves more easily and more confidently in English. We assess each participant, thereby ensuring that the course is at the right level for you. Those at a lower level will join a General English course which will include modules with a focus on language development and hands-on practice of speaking and listening skills in English.

During the course you will have the opportunity to:

develop your fluency and be able to express yourself more confidently and effectively in English improve your English language knowledge in grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation, and be able to speak English more accurately develop your practical communication skills such as active listening extend the skills you need to socialize and network more confidently.

Course Fee : Euro 400.00
Programme Fee : Euro 100.00 includes the registration fee, airport transfers and one cultural guided tour to Malta's Capital- Valletta

Course organiser
ETI -Executive Training Institute
St.Julian's, Malta

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The course was excellently organized, the lessons had an appropriate level and were very beneficial for me.

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Mind a képző, mind a tanfolyamot vezető kolléganő jól felkészült volt. Új módszerekkel ismerkedtem meg, melyeket a mindennapi tanítási gyakorlatomban is alkalmazni tudok. Nyelvi kommunikációs készségeim, beszédbátorságom látványosan fejlődött. Szókincsem bővült. Szociális és érzelmi kompetenciáim fejlődtek. Az angol nyelv tanulása iránti motiváltságom erősödött.

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ETI -Executive Training Institute
ETI -Executive Training Institute
Rating: 5/532 users


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