Choice, Competence and Creative-Thinking in the Primary Classroom - Dublin

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We now thrive in a culture of innovation. For our children, that means more than half of the jobs they will pursue do not even exist yet. It’s critical we teach our children that their secret to success is no longer about content knowledge and conformity—it’s about preparing them to be successful in an unknown future.

This course explores how we can provide children with the essential skills and practice they will need for careers as they revolutionize over time.

Participants will understand how to value process over product, develop and evaluate children’s abilities and attitudes as well as their achievements and understand how to implement the ‘four Cs’: critical thinking, collaboration, communication, and creativity into classroom activities.

Positive school climate, real cohesiveness and motivation have a great impact on children’s approach to learning and outcomes. As teachers, we need to learn how to provide them with these tools to navigate our changing world.

All our courses in Dublin include 1 city guided tour and 1 full day excursion.

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Dublin, Ireland

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