Facing Diversity: Intercultural Classroom Management - Barcelona

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This Erasmus+ course is for teachers working in multicultural classes. Diversity challenges traditional teaching strategies and asks for innovative solutions.

This introductory course will address issues such as: how is it possible to create a syllabus suitable both for native and for non-native students? How can educators face language and communication difficulties? How can students interact in a productive way regardless their cultural belonging?

Through case discussion, sharing of good practices and engaging activities, participants will explore intercultural educative practices. They will receive prompts to foster communication in their classes and will explore solutions to plan activities aiming at meeting newcomers’ needs without interrupting the regular didactic flow. Teaching strategies with concrete, across-the-board objectives will be presented (role-playing, cooperative learning and many others).

By the end of the course, participants will have gained broader awareness about different learning approaches, intercultural communication, innovative methods, and how to convert diversity from burden to opportunity.

- Students’ different learning approaches: knowing about them to be able choose the correct teaching strategies;
- Ability to choose suitable methods for different classes, contexts and moments during the lesson;
- Teaching strategies with concrete, across-the-board objectives: role-playing, cooperative learning;
- Expertise related to intercultural communication;
- Ability to convert diversity from burden to opportunity.

All our courses in Barcelona include 1 city guided tour and 1 full day excursion.

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Europass Teacher Academy
Barcelona, Spain

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