EDUCATION OUTSIDE THE CLASSROOM– Learning from sites, museums, monuments & nature (6-day)

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There is strong evidence that good quality of learning outside the classroom adds much value to classroom learning. It can lead to a deeper understanding of the concepts that span traditional subject boundaries and which are frequently difficult to teach effectively using classroom methods alone. Through first hand learning experiences, pupils experience the world and construct their own learning. This is an essential part of their personal development. Subjects become more vivid, interesting, and interdisciplinary. Learning outside the classroom is the vehicle to develop the capacity to learn. It provides framework for learning that uses surroundings and communities outside the classroom. A range of activities can be conducted including day and residential visits, field studies and investigations in the local area or further to sites, museums, monuments & nature.

This 6-day course gives participants theoretical background about Education outside the classroom, as well as practical guidelines to integrate activities and implement programmes across the areas of curriculum and school life. Discussions, site visits and group work will enrich sharing ideas and exchange of practice between participants. There is also the possibility to extend the course to 7-day.

The amount of 480 euro includes course fees, course material, museum tickets and tours.

During the course, participants will:
- get informed about the role, objectives and benefits of Education outside the classroom
- get in touch with educational programmes in museums, archeological sites and environmental centers that are implemented in Cyprus
- examine examples of good practice from participants’ schools
- study the legal framework and characteristics of Education outside the classroom
- discuss the integration of activities/ programmes outside the classroom across the areas of curriculum in conjunction with the school policy and pupils’ age and abilities
- get informed about implementing school visits and organizing short or long activities to various sites, museums, monuments and out in nature
-examine the use of technology in outdoor programs and activities -do activities in museums, archaeological parks and in nature
-visit sites, museums, monuments etc. and plan activities/ programmes

After confirming registration, participants will be informed about the details of the course (arrival, daily programme etc.). Participants will be able to introduce themselves and bring a few examples of activities/ programmes outside the classroom implemented by their school/ community.

WELCOME • Participants introduce themselves, course programme overview.
THEORY • Education outside the classroom (definitions, objectives, role, benefits) • Legal framework and characteristics of Education outside the classroom VISIT at Kourion archaeological site- Discussion about activities in archaeological sites.

THEORY • Planning activities outside the classroom (steps, curriculum, approaches, finding resources, preparing equipment & tools for collecting data, developing staff competence etc.). • Using technology in outdoors activities. • Educational programmes in museums, archeological sites and environmental centers that are implemented in Cyprus. • Examples of activities/ programmes from participants’ countries.

TOUR IN LIMASSOL • Visit to Old city center, Carob Mill Museum, Medieval Castle & Museum, Townhall. Old market • Data collection for the group work.

THEORY • Implementing school visits and organizing activities in cities’ centres, historic buildings museums and in nature. Using instruments and objects. • Ideas for presenting pupils’ work.

TOUR AT THE AKROTIRI AREA & MUNICIPAL GARDEN • Akrotiri Environmental Education Centre, Akrotiri salt lake • Municipal Gallery, Municipal Garden and practicing the use of apps in outdoor activities.

CLOSURE OF THE COURSE • Presentation of group works, review of the project, conclusions, certificates.

DAY 7 (optional) TOUR IN PAPHOS • Visit at Paphos Archaeological Park with Roman mosaics, Paphos Medieval Castle and port.


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