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Coaching approaches in the School process are becoming increasingly important. With corporate coaching systems, teachers are carying for their individual performance and organizational transformation. Adults who are involved in work life want to be educated and implemented with practical information that is compatible with the realities of their own and work environment. The realistic and brave questions asked begin to illuminate the dark side of the participants, all their learning comes to light, and they begin to turn into new skills with new knowledge.
Each participant who successfully completes this activity;
• Know the concept of coaching
• Know the theories on which the coaching concept is based
• Know the coaching relationship
• Develops a solution-oriented perspective within students.
• Know the concepts of individual values and competencies.
• Know the relationship between corporate values and coaching.
• Know the importance of feedback.
• Know the Identify individual / institutional objectives and prepare an action plan.
• Know the work of the coaching system within the school.

1. Module: Basic Coaching Skills (10 full days)
What is coaching, what is not?
Who is coaching?
International rules of coaching.

Principles of ethics of coaching.
Build a harmony-confidence facility as a coach.
Holistic-empathic listening.

DAY 3-4
Structure and functioning of the brain system.
Mind display-visual brain to use.
Planes information.

DAY 5-6
The art of asking strong questions.
Solution-oriented approach.
Develop a professional coaching attitude.
Living space-school life-private life-time management.

DAY 7-8
How should coaching interviews be made with the student and his / her family?
As teachers, how can we adapt coaching methods to the classroom environment?
Working on Coaching Identity.
To determine the goals and objectives of the student.

DAY 9-10
Choosing a profession / school according to the characteristics.
Examining anxiety-stress.
Focus, work on attention.
The student's time management-computer, mobile phone, etc.
Coaching students to decide on different goals.
Life success, school success, exam success.
Coaching communication conflicts.
Session design during student coaching interviews.
Classroom coaching practices with students.
Certification & Closing Ceremony

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KIZANLIKLI Training Coaching Consultancy
KIZANLIKLI Training Coaching Consultancy
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