Inclusive Education Through Arts and Games - 5 Days Course in Barcelona

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This course is for all those who are interested in creating learning-friendly environment for meaningful learning in inclusive classroom. The course will focus on development of interpersonal skills for learning and cooperation, managing behavior and facilitation of self-directed learning and discovery in an inclusive classroom through arts and games. Participants are expected to have at least B1 level of English proficiency. More details are available on the course webpage so please visit us or contact us for more info.

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Barcelona, Spain

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09.10.2023 > 13.10.2023
18.03.2024 > 22.03.2024
03.06.2024 > 07.06.2024
19.08.2024 > 23.08.2024
07.10.2024 > 11.10.2024

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I attended a course that focused on Inclusive Education. This is an area that I am particularly interested in and I found this course to be very informative. We learned many strategies that will help me to create a more inclusive classroom. We focused on art and games as a way to promote inclusivity in the classroom and the school environment. The course providers communicated with us on a regular basis and in an effective manner. We were provided with opportunities to meet with other educators and discuss ideas. We had a little trouble on the first day with finding the course building. We wandered around for a while before eventually finding the correct location. I feel that better signage would be useful in the future.

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I was extremely satisfied with this course. As some one who works in Special Education this course, Inclusive Education through Art and Games was exactly what I required. The course content and facilitator were excellent. I felt it had the right balance between learning, participation and interaction with facilitator and other attendees. I was given lots of ideas that are suitable for use with children with additional needs. Great references by facilitator to most recent research in this area. Would like to attend the Gamification course in the future. One small issue - the venue was hard to find!

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The course venue was difficult to find. . A sign or better directions would have helped. The course was interesting and the lcourse leaders were friendly and enthusiastic & provided the opportunity of many new learnings to use for future teaching. Many ideas on how to use art for learning and inclusion in classroom.

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I was very happy with the course provider. The venue was slightly difficult to find and some extra signage would be beneficial as the google maps location brings you to the bottom of a long stairs with no clear indication to go up to the next level. Our course was based on Inclusive Education through Arts and Games. I came home with a bank of activities suitable for use in the classroom. We were given the opportunity to network with others and to collaborate with the Gamification group. I would be interested in attending their gamification course in future as it seemed insightful and worthwhile.

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