Game Based Learning and Gamification - 5 Days Course in Crete

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This course is for all those who want to learn how to play more in their lessons and create more engaging units for their learners. The course will focus on theoretical input on gamification and approaches to introduce more game-based learning in different countries and across school subjects. It will have a strong focus on responsible and successful implementation of educational games and gamification in the classroom. Participants are expected to have at least B1 level of English proficiency. More details are available on the course webpage so please visit us or contact us for more info.

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Heraklion, Greece

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22.07.2024 > 26.07.2024

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The course was about Gamification and it was in Crete. The organisation didn't confirm the course until very late so by the time I bought the flight the prices were very high. Despite the course title was Gamification there were a few days when we were put together with other group of teachers whose courses were on other topics (ICTs and Cultural Heritage) I think we could have expanded our gamification course a bit more instead of having it mixed with other courses or at least they could have told us in advance that that was going to be the planning.I am interested in both ICTs and Cultural Heritage so I didn't mind but this remix should have been mentioned in advance. Besides we didn't receive our course programme until a few days before the course began and none of that late minute change was mentioned. In the end my final experience is positive because in these type of courses you always meet other teachers who share a lot of knowlege with you so it is not just the course what counts. The beautiful environment is a plus too. After a whole year working hard taking a course in a beautiful landscape different from your city is also encouraging.

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