1. School governance

1.1. School culture and climate

Schools wishing to prevent and/or reduce early school leaving and promote educational success for all learners need to develop a strategic vision for inclusive, learner-centred education. The school’s main mission is to ensure that all learners can benefit from quality education and reach their full potential for growth irrespective of socio-economic status or individual or family-related circumstances. Learners are seen as ‘whole’ individuals. The focus is on academic learning as well as personal development and well-being.  Schools develop a culture and climate focused on providing appropriate support so that each learner can meet educational goals. This approach may be thought as the 'whole school around a whole child'.

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School Leadership Toolkit

The European Policy Network on School Leadership- EPNoSL has developed a tool to reflect upon, identify challenges and prioritize areas for policy action to support and enhance school leadership for equity and learning. It addresses policy makers, school authorities, school actors, researchers and leadership training institutes. The School Leadership Toolkit is designed to support analyses of the ways different school leadership policies and programs interplay and influence the overall capacity of school leaders and their schools to effectively and persistently address equity and learning challenges in their schools. It contains a range of useful materials, videos, case studies and toolsets on different aspects of school leadership.

Area: 1. School governance

Subareas: 1.1. School culture and climate; 1.2. School planning and monitoring; 1.3. School management; 1.4. Cooperation within education systems

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