5. Stakeholders involvement

5.3. Partnerships - employers and businesses

Awareness and understanding of the world of work is integral to education and is best achieved through businesses and schools working in partnership. Such partnerships produce significant benefits for all involved: most importantly, they benefit young people’s awareness and experience of the world of work, their understanding of job demands and employer expectations, and the relevance of schooling to employer needs.

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Jump@school – Testing a model to counter early school leaving

To prevent early school leaving (ESL), the Jump@school project developed and tested an innovative intervention model and assessed its impact on the attitude of vulnerable students towards school. It involved a consortium of ten partners from six countries, four schools and 480 students aged 14 to 17 years old.

Areas: 3. Support to learners; 5. Stakeholders involvement

Subareas: 3.1. Well-being of learners; 3.7. Monitoring learners at risk; 3.11. Targeted support - disadvantaged socio-economic background; 5.1. Multidisciplinary teams; 5.3. Partnerships - employers and businesses; 5.4. Partnerships: Community organisations and civic society

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Country: Austria; Germany; Italy; Poland; Spain; Turkey

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