3. Support to learners

3.11. Targeted support - disadvantaged socio-economic background

Whether learners are successful in school or at risk of early leaving is largely dependent on their socio-economic status (SES). The effects of socio-economic status are clearly present in all of Europe’s education and training systems. Children from lower socio-economic backgrounds are less likely to participate in and benefit from early childhood education and care (ECEC) than children from more advantaged backgrounds. The initial disadvantage can be exacerbated throughout the school years if additional support is not provided to help children close educational gaps. Equal participation in quality ECEC is however found to be among the most effective approaches to combatting socio-economic inequalities in educational achievement.

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Breakfast / Morning clubs

In Irish schools, different initiatives to facilitate social inclusion and equality include breakfast clubs, lunch clubs, chess clubs and homework clubs. Schools promote the benefits of providing an early morning breakfast - this includes improved school attendance and retention, improvements in punctuality, interaction with adults, allowing students to have fun whilst at the same time developing social skills, meeting nutritional needs and developing positive links between the school and the family.

Area: 3. Support to learners

Subareas: 3.3. Career guidance and support; 3.6. Extended and extra-curricular learning; 3.11. Targeted support - disadvantaged socio-economic background

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The Prometheus project addresses the need for career counselling and guidance to be more relevant to the needs and attitudes of a new generation of digital natives. It provides an online platform with peer networking opportunities and offers a repository of best practices and online guides and toolkits for counsellors.

The main project results include:
• Career Pathways Research and Analysis Report
• 100+ Enlightenment Best Practices e-Book
• PROMETHEUS Peer Network
• Empower Talk Movies
• Online Career Counselling Guide
• PROMETHEUS Final Multipliers’ Conference
The project team includes organisations from 6 European countries: BFE (Bulgaria), CIAPE (Italy), BEST (Austria), IED (Greece), Aspire-i Ltd. (UK) and CIT (Ireland).



Area: 3. Support to learners

Subareas: 3.3. Career guidance and support; 3.10. Targeted support - special educational needs and learning difficulties; 3.11. Targeted support - disadvantaged socio-economic background

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