3. Support to learners

3.6. Extended and extra-curricular learning

Extra-curricular and out-of-school educational activities may either have a strong academic component or a more informal learning and development approach. These activities, when compatible and coherent with educational aims, may provide additional opportunities for young people to 'shine' and can increase motivation and a sense of belonging with the school that they might not otherwise have. Extra-curricular and out-of-school educational activities should be designed to complement curriculum delivery and to maximise learner participation and social inclusion. They may be developed in cooperation with parents, local organisations, services and NGOs and with the involvement of volunteers from the community.

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Welten Bummler / Passe Partout

The PAMINA Eurodistrict has launched a new project aimed at furthering bilingualism and identification with the cross-border region in schools.

As part of a digital educational game, students in primary schools have the opportunity to discover the Upper Rhine region in a fun way from the age of 9 years. "The Passe-Partout" was available online from October 2017 for the territory of the PAMINA Eurodistrict. The game is to be extended to the entire territory of the Upper Rhine.

Areas: 3. Support to learners; 5. Stakeholders involvement

Subareas: 3.6. Extended and extra-curricular learning; 3.8. Targeted support - Language; 5.1. Multidisciplinary teams; 5.4. Partnerships: Community organisations and civic society

Language: DE; EN; FR

Country: France; Germany; Switzerland