2. Teachers

2.3. Initial Teacher Education and Continuing Professional Development of teachers

Both initial teacher education (ITE) and continuous professional development (CPD) are critical to ensure that teachers acquire the competences, skills and knowledge that allow them to respond to a range of classroom situations. Professional mastery is positively associated with teachers’ satisfaction. This is especially the case for teachers who work in more demanding contexts, such as schools with high levels of socio-economic and educational disadvantage and very heterogeneous groups of learners.

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Life is Diversity (Leben ist Vielfalt) Students’ network

The main aim of the network is to prepare student teachers to teach in diverse classrooms. Specifically, the network aims to: - help student teachers develop intercultural sensitivity; - inspire ideas and promote the implementation of intercultural practices in schools; - act as a network for student teachers who are interested in inter-culturality and heterogeneity; - act as a forum for discussion and exchange about challenges and approaches in the teaching in diverse classrooms; - provide student teachers with specific knowledge and practical experiences. The group initiates the exchange of information and experience about teaching in intercultural settings, and organises support measures for refugees. The main target group of the network is student teachers, but practicing teachers and other relevant groups such as university staff are also targeted. The network was initially intended for student teachers with a migrant background, but it soon shifted its focus towards all students.

Area: 2. Teachers


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