Promotional material

Here you will find material we have developed to promote the European Toolkit for Schools, as well as a few suggestions on how you can support the promotion of the Toolkit in your communications with your networks and audiences.

Material available to you

Ways to promote the Toolkit and make it grow

  • Share the examples you like with your colleagues and networks.
  • Host our videos and the Toolkit link on your organisation’s webpage.
  • Use your social media channels to disseminate good practices and useful information.
  • Circulate information on to anyone who could be interested in this topic. Please consider also any established networks you may belong to, in addition to individual contacts.
  • Send us your own practices and good examples via our suggest a resource form (login required).
  • Consider using examples from the Toolkit as case studies in workshops or training events on topics relevant to the areas of the Toolkit.
  • If you are involved in teacher training, consider using the Toolkit as part of your teaching materials.


If you would like to promote the European Toolkit for Schools in ways not outlined above, or require any specific information or assets, please contact the European Toolkit for Schools team at