Criteria for selecting good practice examples

1) Relevant timescale: Measure/approach that has been in place for at least two years

2) Some evidence of sustainability: Measure/approach that has been in place for some time and has secured funding or other support (involvement of a range of stakeholders) for a few years into the future

3) Involvement of relevant stakeholders: A broad range of stakeholders should be involved (parents, employers, civil society, expert professionals, etc.). Details on how the different stakeholders are involved and supported (e.g. trained) should be provided.

4) Research- or evidence-based: The extent to which the measure/approach is informed or rooted in previous research or experience.

5) Quality assurance procedures in place: Measure/approach with quality assurance processes in place, including information on indicators, methods or tools used throughout the implementation

6) Internal or external evaluation results: Measure/approach that has been evaluated (preferably through external evaluation) and has documented evidence that it has achieved intended outcomes and results