General Information

The European Toolkit for Schools offers concrete ideas for improving collaboration within, between and beyond schools with a view to enabling all children and young people to succeed in school. School leaders, teachers, parents and other people involved in different aspects of school life can find helpful information, examples of measures and resource material to inspire their efforts in providing effective and high-quality early childhood and school education. The aim of the Toolkit is to support the exchange and experience among school practitioners and policy makers.

We warmly welcome you to browse, comment, share the resources and send us your examples of initiatives and projects that could be useful for others!

Instructions for the European Toolkit for Schools

The resources available in this Toolkit are organised around five interconnected thematic areas:

1. School governance 2. Teachers 3.  Support to learners 4. Parental involvement 5. Stakeholders involvement

These five areas have been divided in a number of subareas, which contain examples of specific school-level actions. Each subarea provides:

  • a short explanation as to why this dimension is important for learners' success and prevention of early school leaving, with evidence from research, examples of interventions at the school level and links to further reading; 
  • a number of resources, ranging from research studies, project reports, to concrete examples of good practices describing how a measure was successfully implemented (with contact details, where available).

All of the resources are linked to one or more subareas and can either be browsed through freely or searched through key words and filters. You are invited to compare, comment and suggest new examples or resources to add to the Toolkit, which will be taken into account by our Editorial Board.

Happy reading!

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