Peep Learning Together Programme

The Peep Learning Together Programme (LTP) is run by Peeple Charity. It aims to raise children’s outcomes by helping them to make the most of their opportunities and to become confident communicators and active learners. By supporting parents/carers, the programme aims to improve children’s personal, social and emotional development, communication and language, early literacy, early numeracy and health and physical development.
The evidence-based Learning Together Programme values and extends what parents/carers already do. It helps strengthen adult-child relationships, building children’s self-esteem and emotional self-regulation. The programme offers key ideas and activities relating to child development that practitioners can share with parents/carers and their children. LTP helps parents and carers to: value and extend learning opportunities in everyday life; improve the quality of the home learning environment; develop secure attachment relationships with their children; and gain nationally-recognised units based on supporting their child's learning and development. Practitioners and parents can choose which and how many topics they want to focus on, depending on local needs and interests. Nationally-recognised adult learning units are embedded within the programme. These units are based on what parents/carers already do to support their child’s development, and how they have put into practice the knowledge gained while taking part in the programme. This builds parental capacity and “learner identity;, which research shows makes progress in volunteering, learning or work more likely.

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