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RefugeesWellSchool (RWS) is a European-funded Horizon 2020 project carried out by seven partners in six European countries. Its overall objective is to further implement the evidence-based role of preventive, school-based interventions in promoting refugee and migrant adolescents’ mental wellbeing, and how they can be implemented in diverse educational settings.

To better understand the influence that preventive programmes can have in a school context, the RWS project evaluates the effectiveness and implementation processes of the following five preventive, school-based interventions:

  • In-Service Teacher Training and Teaching Recovery Techniques;
  • Classroom Drama Therapy programme;
  • Welcome to School;
  • PIER ('Peer Integration and Enhancement Resource') intervention;
  • In-service Teacher Training.


RWS studies the effectiveness of these five different interventions in relation to the mental wellbeing of the refugee and migrant adolescents taking part in these interventions. RWS uses a broad conceptualisation of ‘mental wellbeing’, looking at:

  • Reduced mental health problems;
  • Increased resilience;
  • Increased social support networks and positive inter-ethnic relationships;
  • Attendance at and a sense of belonging to the school.

The results of the implementation and the studies will be shared with participants, professionals working in schools with children, the general public, policy makers, and academics.

Practice (direct evidence)
Belgium; Denmark; Finland; Norway; Sweden; United Kingdom
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European Funding


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