Policy guidance on supporting the inclusion of Ukrainian refugees in education: considerations, key principles and practices

This paper was written by the European Commission in consultation with representatives of ministries of education and stakeholder organisations. The objective is to provide policy guidance to Member States by outlining key principles and practices, which could help inclusion of refugee children and young people in schools, based on previous experience. This first version is a living document; following versions will be enriched by further examples on how to turn policy into action.

It offers a set of suggestions for a comprehensive policy approach, which combines limited elements in seven areas of (1) Reception and admission, (2) Prepare education institutions and educational staff to include refugee children, (3) Prepare education systems to include Ukrainian teachers and Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) staff (4) Targeted activities facilitating inclusion of refugee children in education (5) Reaching out to refugee families and communities (6) Long-term measures to promote inclusive education (7) Measures relevant for ECEC in particular, such as information and financial support to access ECEC.

  • Published by: European Commission
  • Year: 2022
  • Languages available: English
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