DigComp 2.2: The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens - with new examples of knowledge, skills and attitudes

The Digital Competence Framework for Citizens, also known as DigComp, provides a common language to identify and describe the key areas of digital competence. It is an EU-wide tool to improve citizens’ digital competence, help policy-makers formulate policies that support digital competence building, and plan education and training initiatives to improve the digital competence of specific target groups. This report presents version 2.2 of the Digital Competence Framework for Citizens.

The present publication has two main parts: the integrated DigComp 2.2 framework provides more than 250 new examples of knowledge, skills and attitudes that help citizens engage confidently, critically and safely with digital technologies, and new and emerging ones such as systems driven by artificial intelligence (AI). The second part of the publication gives a snapshot of the existing reference material for DigComp consolidating previously released publications and references.

  • Published by: JRC
  • Year: 2022
  • Languages available: EN
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