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International Center for Development of Education and Training is one of the most popular and most active youth organizations from Bulgaria in the field of promoting European values through local projects and participating in projects abroad. All of our members have experience in working on projects and their organization allows the creation of a perfectly balanced team.Our goal is to inspire and help positive social and economic changes, and dedicate our time to ensure the effective implementation of these ideas. We are consistent in our organizational values: promoting non-formal education and training of young people through intercultural training and activities, the encouragement of the youth exchanges and volunteering at national, European and international level, development of consciousness of European citizenship through programs and projects designed for young people. our main aims – to inform an to improve youngsters skills and knowledge about their opportunities.

Our team members work and participate in international projects informally by 2001. Since 2012 working hard on projects related to the activities of the association, which was officially registered this year. Several of them have participated in EVS and have a clear idea of all the positives of this activity.All of us, having the skills and competencies in working with young people, we are willing to work with EVS in this period.Our team members have participated in numerous projects under the program "Erasmus +" took place in Spain, Macedonia, Turkey, Romania and Latvia, Estonia and Italy. Under youth in action programme before we have done projects in FYROM, Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia and Armenia in area of Education, Culture, Sport, Environment, Social inclusion, Social Media and etc.

ICDET team has expert participation in few and working on new vocational education and training projects as a practice and practical training/work under ERASMUS MUNDUS. All vocational schools provide their students with adequate conditions and premises for implementation of the practical training segment of their educational activities and this is exactly what our projects provide. The students included in this projects have the chance to be part of an international mobility and obtain much needed practical skills as well as experience in the area that they are studying. During their mobility abroad, considering that it is expected most of them to be minors, several support staff will be present with them.

The students, as the main target group of this projects, are coming from a schools that does not lack behind in providing theoretical knowledge. Schools does however need to improve the process of matching this theoretical knowledge with practical training in an institution like the hosting partners. The work there is well organised, structured and implemented and so will their training be. The period that the pupils will spend abroad will boost the personal apart from their professional development.

The main objective is that with the activities foreseen for implementation in our projects, we will enable the students to gain new knowledge from practical training in the area of their expertise. This main objective can be divided in the following sub-segments which are defining the idea for this project more clearly:
- providing students with possibilities for international practical training;
- providing students with possibilities for enhancement of their language skills via communication in foreign language and using professional terminology;
- providing the possibility for the students to experience live in another country as well in a specific, international environment.
- expanding the possibilities for future common activities between the partners form Bulgaria and other countries.

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