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Organization Number: E10010162
Full legal name: Mavi Çekirdek International Education&Training, Organization and Project Consultancy Company (BlueCore International Academy).
Vat Number: 181 182 890 64
Full Legal Address: Dumlupınar Mah. 2. Dumlupınar Caddesi No:4 Acar İş hanı Kat:2 Daire:8 Merkez Afyonkarahisar/Türkiye
Phone Number: +902722146660
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Title: Mr
Gender: M
First Name: Cavat
Family Name: AVCI
Department: Management
Position: General Manager
Telephone: +905055476066

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Title: Mrs
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First Name: Aslım Gaye
Family Name: Derebaşoğlu
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Background and Experience:

Mavi Çekirdek İnternational Training Center (BlueCore International Academy) is an active company with a professional organizational background and long-standing tradition of organizing life-long learning mobility programs that were founded by a dynamic and experienced team with extensive expertise in both teacher training. It has been established in Education and it has been active in the adult education market since 2014. Erasmus+ courses for Teachers and Educational providers for the Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals, provided by BlueCore International are in accordance with the Education and Training 2020 strategic framework and can be fully funded by the EU.

Mavi Çekirdek İnternational (BlueCore International Academy) works in the field of educational material development, human resources, personal development, sales marketing programs, improvement of communication skills, gaining skills, etc.

Our mission is to improve the personal and professional competencies of educational staff, raise the attractiveness and prestige of the educational sector and enhance the overall quality of education through collaboration and innovation. Topics of our training courses directly respond to the current issues and requirements in the field of education and provide support not only for individuals but organizations as a whole.

Our main goal is to provide comprehensive services on a professional level, ensuring our clients’ satisfaction.

Our aim is to establish a link between public body organizations and private firms to enhance the quality of educational and training programs all around the world

Therefore, we can design custom courses according to specific needs and organize translations to other languages besides English.

There is also a full social and cultural program to enable participants to take full advantage of their stay in one of the world’s major cities. We are organizing historical and touristic visits with international guides. We organize city tours and fun social activities.

100% of participants say they are satisfied with our work.

Mavi Çekirdek Training and Project Consultancy (BlueCore International Academy) was founded in 2014. The Blue Core works in the areas of training materials development, human resources, personal development, development of communication skills and skills acquisition. Our organization also carries out activities on social promotion, volunteering, active citizenship, and youth mobility. (In particular within the framework of the new Erasmus + program) Mavi Çekirdek, as a training and consultancy company, ERASMUS + KA1 within the scope of hundreds of education has successfully completed many projects. In addition to all these, we have the main goals that we have determined:
– Increasing the employment of young people and supporting their personal and professional development
– Organizing and mediating training programs, youth exchanges, labor camps, seminars, work mobility, internships, and volunteer programs abroad and at the national level;
– To encourage the creation of new and innovative ideas as the foundation of young entrepreneurs’ initiatives, to motivate them and to support their own business.
The Mavi Çekirdek is also actively involved in international cooperation and development. Trainers of the organization are formed by businessmen, academics, professional trainers, and entrepreneurs.

In addition to our local activities, we, as the Mavi Çekirdek Family are constantly working to strengthen our partnership both at the national and international levels. Our goal is to establish a link between public institutions and private firms to improve the quality of education and training programs throughout the world. However; Mavi Çekirdek Training&Project Consultancy provides professional advice through the EU Programs for the following types of activities:

• Training Programs
• Vocational Education and Training
•Lifelong learning
• Social Dialogue
• Labor Market Research
• Training and Capacity Building
• Twinning Activities
• Agriculture and Rural Development
• Cultural Dialogue
•Information technologies
•Project management

The Mavi Çekirdek International (BlueCore International Academy) working with local and national public institutions, businesses, municipalities, educational institutions, has an extensive partner network, the status of non-governmental organizations in all European countries. Since 2014, our team has merged under the umbrella of the Mavi Çekirdek Training and Project Consultancy and carried its experience in the field of EU Programs to a professional level. Mavi Çekirdek Training Project Consulting since 2014 in all European countries with over 100 projects benefiting from EU institutions, the program has contributed to the administrative and social development in Turkey. Mavi Çekirdek Training&Project Consultancy project development, project management and in Turkey continues to provide professional support in the areas where the establishment of partnerships and partnership solutions with the aim of contributing to developing the dialogue between institutions in EU countries. Mavi Çekirdek International Training and Project Consultancy, Erasmus + Projects implemented by the European Union Action Main Action 1-Learning Mobility of School Education Personnel, KA102 Trainee Training, Civil Society Organization Projects and Main Action 2-Strategic Partnerships in the Field of School Education offers service with its professional staff. Project writing to the schools and institutions that want to write the project and at every stage of the project period; The company offers services in all aspects of the organization and active guidance and consultancy. In addition, it provides support to its clients in the areas of Financial Support Programs of Development Agencies, Family and Social Policies Grant Programs, Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development Programs, Ministry of Youth and Sports Grant Programs, Tubitak R & D Programs.

As the Mavi Çekirdek Training and Project Consultancy (BlueCore International Academy), it conducts professional organization studies in line with the principles it aims at in the field of Education. Promoting European routes for integrated business education, including language learning, organizes courses and activities for the organization and management of socio-cultural changes with EU.

What are the activities and experience of the organization in the areas relevant for this application?
Mavi Çekirdek Training Center (Blue Core International Academy) has carried out many projects in the local and international fields since its establishment. to schools by the consulting project in Turkey, it has led many schools to gain experience in Europe. He has produced quality projects with his experienced team and staff and has provided gains in education with his ERASMUS + KA1 courses abroad. Our structured courses are: Schools, Universities, Vocational Education and Training Organizations, NGOs, Associations, Enterprises can be arranged for members of the Organization. Professor in Higher Education, Teacher or Adult Education Organization in a School (VET). Our structural courses are teachers, leaders, managers, coordinators, youth workers, and other staff members. The main courses we provide are:

– P4C Philosophy Education For Children
– (ISEL) Intensive Spoken English Language
– Word and Classroom
– Get Healthy School
– Student Motivation
– Strategies of Disabled People
– STEM – (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics
– School Leadership with Practice
– Physics Everywhere
– Migrants Education
– ICT Education- Digital Classroom
– Classroom Management Solutions for Teachers
– ICT Based Classes
– Flipped Classroom
– Stop Bullying In Schools and Create A More
– Peaceful Atmosphere
– Don’t Give Up Your Dream
– Power of Games
– Super Teachers of 21st Century
– Adult Education Courses
– Robotic

Some of the projects we have successfully carried out in the EU ERASMUS + program are:
– Training means renewing the processor; It’s not filling the memory.
– Fusion in European Cuisine
– Energy and Daily Usage
– Teaching English Through Stories
– Innovation and Mobile Learning
– Rightful Perception of Reality
– Work in Europe.
– Today's Teenagers
– Math and Science Practice
– Orff Schulwerk Approach in Preschool Education
– The Trip to Europe
– Clubs For Enthusiastic for Schools
– Every Talent Discovered A Happy Future For Humanity etc ..

As the Mavi Çekirdek (BlueCore International Academy), we also act as project partners with AFSARDER and OYDER. Many local and international cooperations have been made in line with the projects we have written for our associations. The Association aims to promote the activities that help young people improve their mobility and their awareness of cultural, educational, political and economic diversity in Europe and to promote their education and training programs, improve their skills, human resources and improve the labor market was created. In line with the principles of UNICEF, a lot of studies on children’s rights have been made in foundations and associations and seminars and conferences have been organized. The development of tourism in district governorate has been done and the Phrygian Valley surveys have been conducted within the borders of our city. We also carry out R & D studies with Afyonkarahisar Governorship. In addition, we carried out studies within the scope of çalış Youth Projects bill within the body of Afyon Kocatepe University in our province and informed the young people about ERASMUS + projects. The Mavi Çekirdek is also included in the grant support projects. Development Agencies Financial Support Programs, Kosgeb Supports, Ministry of Family and Social Policies Grant Support Programs, Tubitak R & D Programs, Lifelong Learning Grant Programs, Ministry of Agriculture Rural Development Programs, Ministry of Youth and Sports Grant Support Programs, Ministry of Culture and Tourism Grant Support Programs, Erasmus + Grant Support Programs, SODES Programs, Rural Development IPARD Programs, Sabancı Foundation Community Development Program are the subjects and support programs we are working on. In addition, we also have Education Abroad as Blue Core. Our aim is to empathize with our students and to be more careful when choosing foreign schools. We are also very proud of being the representative of very large chain schools with many accreditations given by professional organizations in their fields, recognized on the international ground and has many awards in their field and we are relying on the difference of our service quality. Our mission is to give priority to the groups of students who know each other from the same school in the group leadership of the teachers from the same school rather than the individual in the Foreign English Summer Schools, which are organized on the basis of the fact that foreign language skills are acquired much faster and easier at an early age. is an indication. IEF honors those who are aware of the fact that foreign language is an important factor in their academic career or professional life. Our vision; Our friends and friends who started their activities in the process of informing and registering with our students and their families are continuing not only during this process but also during and after the program and continue with the feedback we receive from them. We wish to continue our cooperation with everyone who wants to increase their linguistic capability and reveal their difference as a visionary individual.

What are the skills and expertise of key staff/persons involved in this application?
Mavi Çekirdek(BlueCore International Academy) is a company that aims to do its job professionally with its expert staff and project writers, educators, academics, professional trainers, entrepreneurs, organizations, experts and managers.
Graduated from Afyon Kocatepe University ‘Public Administration’. She studied at the Klaipeda University in Lithuania for about 6 months. She is experienced about European Union subjects. She is very skilled, equipped and with a high academic career, youth worker, trainer and expert in European programs and management of youth projects.
She graduated from Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University, the Department of English Language Teaching.
She graduated from Denizli Pamukkale University, the Department of Political science and public administration.
She is studying at Afyon Kocatepe University, the Department of Management.
He graduated from Afyon Kocatepe University, Department of Public Administration and now he is doing a master's in Afyon Kocatepe University department of Public Administrative.
Azizullah Abdul Fattah 1993, Holder of Afganistan national passport and Bachelor of Business administration from Goa University India2016 and presently continuing my masters in Politics and Public Administration, Afyon Kocatepe University, Turkey 2018.
He speaks in Persian, Ozbek, Turkish, English and Hindi languages fluently.

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