Special Gymnasium Lyceum of Athens

Special Gymnasium Lyceum of Athens

Ydras 2, Ilioupoli, Athens, Greece

Historical background

The special junior high – senior high school was founded in 1985 as anaccreditedpublic secondary school by the Greek Ministry of Education. At the same time it was staffed by educators of every teaching specialty. For the first two years the school was housed at Theologou 16A street inPagrati.

In 1987 it relocated in Ilioupoli, at Hydras 2 street in a building that was made accessible to students with disabilities through several modifications.


For almost 30 years the school has been a molding place of ideas and experience concerning disability. It is the only special secondary school in the municipality of Ilioupoli that receives approximately 80 pupils each year from the whole region of Athens and Piraeus.

Our school is staffed with special education teachers and education support personnelsuch as school nurses, psychologists and bus drivers, among others. It is, therefore, a polyvalent teaching, daycare and research center in the field of special education, one of the few in the whole city.
It tries to care for the needs of a heterogeneous student population in the light of modern scientific special educational theories and practices.

This long termclose interaction with multiple aspects of disability has indicated that it is not a private or family affair, but a complex social issue. It has been made clear thatit undergoes various social, political and cultural effects.

For this reason, the focus has been on developing our students’ social skills through various sports and cultural activities and programmes such asenvironmental education, education of health care, professional consultancy, as well aseuropean programmes and partnerships with schools from all around Europe, resulting, thus,in a broadening of the school curricula.

Over these years we have related with other schools through various actions. More than 50 of our graduates have university degrees and are working, whereas others have taken part or won medals in European, world or Paralympic Games.

Obstacles have been encountered, mistakes may have been made, year after year, however, the necessity of a sincere and concrete cooperation with the local government, with scientific foundations and universities, and eminent people in the fields of science and arts, was crystallized.

We would like to thank those people who stand beside us as benefactors, allies, friends and co-workers pointing to the open character of our school. This is how we have made it till now and how we are keeping on.

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