Bilgi ve Beceri Dernegi - BVB

Bilgi ve Beceri Dernegi - BVB

Selcuk Mah. Aydinlik Sok. Gamze Apt. Nu 19/21, Nigde, Turkey

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Knowledge and Skill Association has been registered in 2017 by seven young people, in Nigde, Turkey.The association has a mission based on increasing knowledge and skills for young people.The background of the association dates back to 2017. The association members, who dominated different Erasmus + project types, participated in projects that took place in many EU member states; now they would like to disseminate the knowledge and skills gained from these projects through the Knowledge and Skill Association.

Our main goal is :

-to provide knowledge for youth and to facilate mobilities
-to break down the prejudices on cultures, nations, religions etc.
-to improve personal and professional development for the group member and youngsters

Our vision
By improving our young people's knowledge and skills; It is to bring open-minded, creative and respectful young people to the world.

Our values
Love and respect: It is to love people without distinguishing their race, identity and culture.
Union is strength: It is possible to meet the needs of young people by working together
Open mind: Being open is always good.
Young people are right: Young ideas are always the greatest motivation of every age.

There are two basic academies within the group: 1. Knowledge Academy and 2. Skill Academy.

The association, as the Knowledge and Skill Academy, aims to improve the knowledge and skills of young people;

- arranging trainings;
- language courses;
-training courses
- jobshadowing for VET teachers around EU
- organization of congresses and conferences;
- cultural excursions;
- preparatory seminars for teachers for the projects;
-Erasmus + internship mobility
- workshops and round table meetings;

In short, the "Knowledge Academy" encourages learning based on knowledge; The Skill Academy provides activities related to skill-based learning.

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