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IDEC is a training company in Greece, committed to quality, innovation and European cooperation.

We firmly believe that European cooperation including mobility, exchanges and mutual learning has strong benefits to individuals and European Community, contributing to building of a common European identity. That is why we are concentrating our efforts to serve in practice European cooperation:

- we participate in European projects
- we cooperate with colleagues to develop training courses and materials with a real European dimension;
- we organize transnational training courses.

IDEC offers the possibility to attend high quality training courses, participate in study visits, observation periods and job shadowing in Greece. In parallel it provides rich social and cultural experiences in Greece.

We provide training courses for professionals in education and training, including staff and teachers/trainers in educational institutes of all levels, as well as staff from companies working in the field of education and training.

We provide high qualified and experienced tutors, state-of-the-art learning material, highly participatory and interactive teaching methods, sound assessment and validation procedures.

The courses are organised in Piraeus, the port of Athens and Isthmia, a summer resort by the sea in the Corinthian Gulf. The language of our courses is English.

All our training courses are designed following the principles of ECVET and can be used for the transfer and accumulation of learning outcomes. Our trainees get the certificate of attendance, the Europass Certificate Supplement and the Europass Mobility Certificate.

Most of the trainings that we provide have been developed in the framework of EU projects (Lifelong Learning), some of which have been selected as good practices and have been thoroughly tested and validated in pilot trainings.

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