JUMP Association International Teachers Training Academy

JUMP Association International Teachers Training Academy

Via San Nicola 15, Soverato, Italy

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JUMP works in the field of international training, in specific, teachers training, at each level and training for school leaders, since 2014 when the Erasmus plus Programme started. In the years the organization grew in experience and empowered the team of trainers who is the core of our activity in terms of expertise, language competencies, research in the field of education and innovation and methodologies.
JUMP is a competent team and develops different types of European projects which permit to explore all trends in education and deepen the knowledge on new topics according to European guidelines, recommendation and studies.
At the base of our work, there’s a real passion for all that is Europe, its institution and its functioning, European policies, documents, tools and official sources full of information and perspectives. Furthermore, JUMP promotes European citizenship and what we call the “European dimension of education”.
The training catalog which proposes, at the moment, 31 training programs on a very big variety of topics, is the result of a continuous professional upgrade and research.
The catalog is online and for each training, it’s clearly written a presentation, the target, the modules and a standard program. Furthermore, the JUMP style, based on the method called “B.E.S.T. - Building Europe in a Small Town” foresees that our training is structured as a full-immersion learning process into the local reality, but with an international dimension.
In our concept when foreign partners come to our land, they can enjoy the high-quality training, which can be indoor or outdoor, with professional smart trainers, and the intercultural approach to the local life, with its traditions and peculiarities.
A lot of importance is given to language improvement with a multi-lingual approach, using non formal education and more care to make people feeling included in all activities with the chance to express and share experience and points of view.

More in general, JUMP main activities are:

- Research on educational topics and development of training methods
- Creation of manuals and learning tools, innovative lessons using Non-Formal Education and Outdoor Education
- Web-design, web management, blogging, web content development, translation and graphics
- Video making
- Development of European policies through European projects involving tran-sectorial actors from civil society and public institutions
- Organization of contact making meetings for managers and leaders for Partnership Building and to start up future cooperation
- Mobility projects for educators and youth, sending organization for youth training, seminars, youth events, youth exchanges and ESC volunteers
- Hosting young entrepreneurs with the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs Programme (EYE Program)
- Local development and internationalization for public administration and local authorities
- Organization of public events to foster and promote European citizens and debates on EU priorities and actuality (5 Editions of the Euro. Soul Festival. European soul)
- Placement of students and teachers by local partners (companies, commercial studios, insurance, institutions, entrepreneurs, medical services, social assistance services, etc) make traineeships, learning or working experiences
Last but not least, active simple local volunteering involving citizens and taking part in grassroots events, raising attention to local issues and problems, finding solutions, making things informally, and being conscious of global criticalities.
JUMP has a full time permanent employee and around 15 trainers who are freelance workers, mainly teachers working at a public and private levels.
Since 2017 - in cooperation with the local partner, the ltd C.T.E. CENTRO TERRITORIALE EUROPEO SRL, JUMP has the main office by Villa Gabriella International which is a prestigious villa for hosting and for training. The place offers all suitable spaces to organize training sessions, indoor and outdoor meetings, and other types of activities. The spaces are equipped at a technological level and decorated with inputs connected with our activity.

Our method: the “B.E.S.T”

JUMP bases its work on a method which we call, "B.E.S.T. Method" - Building Europe in a Small Town which means something simple but not easy to put into action, especially in the South of Italy.
The context of Catanzaro, in general of the Calabria region, needs time to understand and acquire the processes of social cohesion recommended by European guidelines.
Our method is to make international something that is local and valorise the local through the development of a long term process of internationalisation made of small steps. It’s an internal policy of JUMP: develop innovative training programs for international guests with locals aiming at discovering cultures and traditions of the South and, at the same time, open people’s minds and train all actors in being part of a European community.
JUMP is a training provider of the Erasmus Plus program and develops different kinds of projects creating continuous opportunities for all to learn, discover and widen perspectives, empowering soft and hard skills useful for the actual society.

Since 2017 JUMP renewed and changed skin thanks to a new website which shows better also training proposals and initiatives for locals. Every time that the organization hosts a group of teachers or professionals or students from other countries, immediately we call partners and members to enrich hosting programs in Soverato and benefit people who are training themselves and want to gain more international experience, speak English and improve soft skills. JUMP adopted the strategy to bring "international guests" in the local context and it's a long term process that needs an important approach with local services, structures and people. It's bringing here Europe that we internationalise.
Have a look at our website, explore the photo galleries and the video-gallery in the homepage, read the page “Our method” and you will understand much better the atmosphere we like to create.

JUMP is now a competent team of experts able to run international projects, to develop training proposals, bring innovation and transfer innovation to have a local and global impact. JUMP works also to mainstream results and foster a dynamic dialogue with decision makers in order to change policies or take part in public debates at political level. Here below the profiles of the 2 coordinators but, please, always think about JUMP as a team. Their description of their professional background is published on the website http://www.associazionejump.it/
Pietro Curatola
Graduated from Modena University in business economics, Pietro has been working for 16 years in Emilia Romagna in the field of business development and access to finance. During the "Modena period", when he was 30, he lived a small 6 months parenthesis in London attending an English course and working at the same time. In 2012, feeling inside the deep sense of belonging to the South and understanding that the family needed him, he decided to come back to Soverato (CZ) aware that, with the competencies and experience gained, he could have been an active player at the local level. At the end of the same year, he founded JUMP Gioventù in riSalto and started to train himself in the field of Project Design and Management, applying for grants and monitoring EU funding programs, upgrading himself, and making networking. He attended a 5 months high-level master's in Rome and a specific course in Cosenza. In 2013 - 2014 JUMP was soon awarded the first EU projects and it started a period of intensive activities, training, and mobilities in Italy and abroad. Now is still JUMP President and engine, organizing events, training, and being also a private consultant for potential young entrepreneurs.
Erika Gerardini
2002-2003 One year Erasmus studies in Càceres, Spain including a working experience in Barcelona. 2005. Graduated in foreign languages and international communication at Parma University, Erika started soon to work in the field of international youth mobility and European projects in Rome during the civil service by AFSAI, Associazione per la Formazione e gli Scambi Culturali (2003-2004). Through AFSAI Erika travelled around Europe (as Team Leader for young people and young adults) and also in Latin America (Costa Rica) as responsible for an important project on violence against women and gender balance in Eu society. 
One of the main important working experiences for her has been afterwards, from 2005, by the FNG Forum Nazionale Giovani (The National Youth Council), for 3 years as an international officer, project designer, and trainer. She could approach how it works as an important institution depending directly on the Government being involved in international European events, training and long term processes of cooperation between Europe and the rest of the world. Erika was uncharged to write EU projects and meetings also with Africa and Latin America. In 2008 Erika founded, with a close group of colleagues, AIM Agency for Interculture and Mobility in Rome which in 2009 was awarded a long-term contract by the Italian Representation of the European Commission in Italy. In 2010 Erika started to work inside the secretary's office of the Spazio Europa, the European Public Space of the European Commission in Rome. From 2010 to 2014 worked at different levels organizing training, as a trainer herself, implementing EU granted projects, always creating new synergies and ideas to apply for the call for proposals. 
In 2014 she met Pietro Curatola in Rome and for love, she left the "eternal capital" moving to Soverato (CZ) with the same aim of being an active player at the local level and bringing social innovation thanks to her experience at the European level. She coordinates JUMP with Pietro and the staff and implements projects, training, events, and educational activities for youth, teachers, and the whole community.
Since 2015 trainer and didactic responsible for all JUMP training (Erasmus Plus catalogue) coordinating experts and trainers on the different topics. Thanks to the meeting with Pietro Curatola, Erika could also experience another kind of project, more complex and structured, with direct and indirect funds. Referring to Project Design and Management Erika coordinated a long-term project K2020 (VET sector) titled “SO-VET: social entrepreneurship as an alternative for unemployed youth” contributing to the creation of important intellectual outputs and training young NEETs of Calabria in gaining entrepreneurial competences.
Thanks to successful project design and teamwork, Erika is involved in many projects, as coordinator, or trainer, or content creator. 

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