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Primera is an Erasmus+ course provider with EVIDENCE-BASED and PRACTICE-DRIVEN in-service teacher training.

With a team of highly experienced trainers and coaches we support teachers in their personal and professional development. We offer in-service teacher trainings since 2011 covering the following topics: cross-curricular collaboration, digital competencies, promoting STEM, teacher empowerment, soft skills development, early school leaving and inclusion, early childhood education.

Besides offering international Erasmus+ courses we maintain an international learning community of teachers entitled Pan-European Conference on Digital Education:
The Pan-European community offers online conferences, online teacher intervision and online small learning events to help teachers successfully implement digital tools to face-to-face and online classrooms.

As our second field is also working with private companies we can successfully build bridges between the world of business and the world of education. In the private sector, we work as a human resource management consultancy. Our projects focus on competencies models for different professions, psychometric assessments, soft skills training, and leadership development. Among others, we were a consortium leader of a competency development project for public workers in the state administration.

We have successfully implemented various projects with private and public institutions. Our experts are also active in European partnerships within the Erasmus+ programme, where we focus on curriculum development, train-the-trainer activities and creating engaging learning materials.

We are a proud member of EATP (European Association of Training Providers). The EATP association consists of organisations with a long track record of successful participation in European projects and a history of excellence in providing training. All members have signed up to a voluntary quality charter regarding the training and services we offer.

In 2016 we obtained a Certificate of Excellence recognized as Highest Creditworthiness Rating.

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