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Italy for EU

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Italy for EU is a non-profit organization that exclusively pursues objectives of social solidarity and is active in the sectors of training, non-formal education, volunteering, activities in order to involve young people in democratic life, through the implementation of various projects and activities for young people and adults, within the framework of European and national programs.

Italy for UE firmly believes in the possibilities offered by European programs, such as Erasmus +, and in the cooperation between European partners for the development of new dialogue platforms for young people, promoting an inclusive and global dimension.

The organisation's goal is to promote activities and exchanges for young people throughout Italy, giving them the appropriate tools to deal with problems of modern society. In a multicultural context, we want to offer to people from different countries the opportunity to share their experiences, learning the value of teamwork, communicating in a foreign language, without fear of being yourself. At the same time, we are committed to promoting non-formal learning activities, digital competencies, activities that stimulate civic competences in young people.
We want to ensure that education and training are flexible and available to all. This is part of the overall goal of developing the skills needed to create a modern Europe in which everyone can have the opportunity to play an active role in society. The challenge of the organization is to help people to find their place in the society: we offer ourselves, as a reference for everyone wants to learn to express your personality.

Many members of our organization (staff and volunteers) study or have studied in the field of non-formal education, practising all the methods learned in the various activities of our organization: our team is composed of dynamic people and prepared to meet the needs of any person, without discrimination of gender, race, religious or sexual orientation. In particular, we support projects dedicated to adults with economic or social difficulties, contributing to their inclusion in society. Our activities involve also many young people at local and community level in order to encourage them to be active, able to communicate with different people and discover new stories, traditions, and inspirations.

Italy for EU operates in the field of youth with activities such as:
- international mobility and exchanges;
- entrepreneurship;
- creativity;
- promotion and acquisition of new skills and competences;
- active citizenship and civic awareness;
- environmental education;
- social inclusion, solidarity and sustainability.
We are also committed to helping young people enter the labor market, we organize
promotion activities to foster gender equality, treat immigration intelligently and improve the management of natural resources.

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