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I.S.P.E.F. is an Institute that:

- Designs Training: with elaboration and construction of models of Masters and High Education Courses (of which it has copyright) that are provided by E.C.E (www.eceducation.it) or other Universities and/or Agreed Bodies in Europe and Latin America. The achievement of the Qualification allows the registration in the REGISTER of PROFESSIONAL TRAINING REGISTER of the E.C.E.

- Research in Education: with innovative projects of experimentation in international community networks.
international community networks.

- Certification of Education: with accreditation and evaluation systems in the
training sector at the level of Professionals (Teachers, Managers and Experts) and of
Educational/Scholastic Institutions.

To this end, I.S.P.E.F. has designed Accreditation Models and Standards on the
Evaluation of the Quality of the managerial systems and of the training and social services of Bodies, Institutions and Companies operating in the educational, scholastic and socio-educational sector.
educational sector. The achievement of the Certification gives the right to be registered in the Register of the ACCREDITED PROFESSIONALS by I.S.P.E.F.

In addition, I.S.P.E.F. has an extensive bibliography and publications for study, study and publications in the fields in which it operates:




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