Support materials


1. Frequently Asked Questions


The quickest way to find answers to the most common questions is to browse the Frequently Asked Questions. Available in 23 languages.

2. Tutorials


Different tutorials provide useful guidance on using the platform:

  • School Education Gateway tutorial: Basic information on the platform content and services. Available in 23 languages.
  • Erasmus+ Tools tutorial: Step-by-step guidance for anyone interested in using the Course Catalogue, Mobility Opportunities or Strategic Partnership directories, whether you are browsing listings or want to publish your own. Available in 23 languages.
  • Video tutorials: Show you how to create an account, reset a password, publish a listing, and much more. Available in English.

3. Guiding materials on the Erasmus+ Programme

Guiding materials

  • Erasmus+ funding opportunities for schools: This is a free and open-access online course on two different funding schemes: Learning mobility of individuals (Key Action 1) and Strategic Partnership projects (Key Action 2). It includes an introduction on both key actions, and guidance on preparing a competitive proposal as well as making the most of the Erasmus+ Tools. The main content of the course is available in English.
  • Erasmus+ A practical guide for school leaders: The guide is designed for school leaders who want to know what the Erasmus+ programme has to offer in the fields of pre-primary, primary and secondary education. The guide is available in six languages: DE, EN, ES, FR, IT, PL.
  • How to select a teacher training course abroad: In this tutorial you will find useful tips on selecting interesting and relevant courses for you or your school staff. Available in 23 languages.

4. Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions

Anyone planning to publish a listing (a course, a mobility opportunity or a strategic partnership request) is advised to first read the Terms and Conditions, which outline what is expected from listings posted under the Erasmus+ Tools. Available in 23 languages.