Looking for a new partner in READING-project

Published: 22.09.2022

We started our KA2-project iRead few months ago. Very unexpected one partner stopped all Erasmus+-projects so we look for another partner.
The project focuses on improving reading skills- and pleasure in VET. We will professionalize teachers in reading education (Close Reading) and we will make an online reading game in collaboration with a professional game-developer.
Other partners are Estonia (highly ranked in PISA survey), Belgium (medium ranked), so we look for a partner where PISA results were lower...

We prefer languageteachers of VET who teach reading in their own language:
- develop lessons Close Reading for the online game
- test the lessons and the game and give feedback
- professionalize teachers

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Bulgaria; Cyprus; Greece; Italy; Malta; Portugal; Slovakia; Spain
Field-specific priorities for school education
Promoting a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning; Strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions
01.02.2022 » 31.01.2025
Brussel, Belgium

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Posted by Tatjana Vilček

Dear Sirs, We are an International School from Belgrade, Serbia and we would be more than happy to become a partner. If you are interested in us being a partner for this project please contact us on tatjana.vilcek@iss.edu.rs and school.projects@iss.edu.rs. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Best regards Tatjana Vilček

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Hello, friends, If you need a serious partner, write me more about your project, please! Iam a primary teacher. My mail is verginiavr@gmail.com

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Posted by No Name

To whom it may concern, we are interested in this project. We are trying to improve our students' reading and comprehension skills (which is really low in PISA) through different ways. This one sounds like a good opportunity for us. If you are still searching for partners, could you please give more details about the project? Here is my e-mail: emineozkardes@gmail.com

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