Published: 22.07.2022

A 2year KA220 artistic project with onstage performances.
Coordinator: High School from Warsaw, Poland

We're interested only in schools that have dance/theatre or film profiles.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Albania; Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Georgia; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Israel; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Montenegro; Morocco; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Republic of Moldova; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden
Field-specific priorities for school education
Reinforcing the development of key competences; Tackling early school leaving and disadvantage
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LXIX Liceum Ogólnokształcące
Government institution
Warsaw, Poland

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I am a teacher of the Orioli Institute of Viterbo which includes a section of the professional and one of the high school. We have been doing theatrical performances within the school for several years. We would be interested in collaborating !

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Posted by Fitore Mulaj

Hello! My name is Fitore. I am interested in being part of your project. My students have developed several drama projects. Best regards!

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Posted by Letizia Di Martino

Hi, I'm a technology teacher in a lower secondary school in San Nicola La Strada in the province of Caserta (Italy). Our school works hard on Erasmus projects. In my school there is a digital section, where pupils carry out coding and robotics activities at a curricular level. Furthermore, the didactic activity has a strong collaborative and laboratory connotation, for example through flipped classroom and peer to peer teaching. A section dedicated to studying through new technologies: instead of paper textbooks, children use tablets, without a backpack, without the cost of books. There is also a theatrical section in our school. At the end of the course - educational, the students actors of the section "Theater languages" and the PON "Theater.... of life" of our Institute, led by the expert Fausto Bellone, play theatrical performances. We currently have three active projects, one of which ends happily on September 30th, after having completed the last mobility in Greece in May. I am an Erasmus contact person in my school, where a research and study commission for Erasmus projects has been set up. We would like to start a new Steam themed project. My email address is: letiziarch@gmail.com. Attached are the links of the school and the twinspaces of the projects still in progress. https://iccapolddsannicolalastrada.edu.it/erasmus/ Best regards Letizia Di Martino

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Hello, dear friends, I am a primary teacher with in a secondary school in Sofia, Bulgaria. I have a long experience in eTwinning, Comenius and Erasmus+ projects. You can see my work here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpcTtVXgNaqL6Mact-wt4tQ/videos http://verginiav.blogspot.com/?m=1 http://122ou.blogspot.com/?m=1 There are some clips about my school https://lightsourcecharity.org/project/bulgaria-139-ps-zahari-krusha-sofia-magical-world/ I am very interested in the topic of your project. If you need a serious partner, write me, please verginiavr@gmail.com

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Hello, dear friends! My name is Gabriela Popa and I am the director of the Children's Club, Campina- a governmental institution of extracurricular education, for students between 4-19 years old. Among the courses held here we mention: Dance, Plastic arts, Debate and Oratory, French Culture and Civilization,Vocal-instrumental music, Romanian popular music. We have educational partnerships with all educational institutions in the our city and a great flexibility in the curriculum. The teachers want to participate with the students in an exchange with other European institutions. I would be happy if you would visit us and collaborate to capitalize on the educational specifics of each country. Write me, plese: gmp2017gmp@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/Clubul-Copiilor-Campina-329802613719117/photos/?ref=page_internal

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LXIX Liceum Ogólnokształcące
LXIX Liceum Ogólnokształcące


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