Positive Education Marathon

Published: 02.02.2022

For the next Erasmus+ call we are drafting a KA2 project Positive Education Marathon. There is a space for one more partner, we need an NGO from France with a team of psychologists. Write me an email with your PIF: blanka@step-institute.org

The Positive Education Marathon project will deliver the following intellectual outputs:
1. Positive Education Marathon Professional Community of teachers: Facebook page and Facebook group with daily evidence-based content on positive education.
2. Positive Education Marathon Live Streaming Events: 8 live streaming events per country in national language with educational professionals introducing positive education topics to teachers.
3. Positive Education Marathon Podcasts: 10 podcasts per country in national language with teachers and other educational professionals who are committed to positive education.
4. Positive Education Marathon Sessions for students: 8 sessions per country for students in national language, every session consists of 10 minutes video clip for students, worksheets for students, and lesson plan for teacher.
5. Positive Education Marathon Compendium: a handbook with positive education methodology guidelines, professional community of teachers insights (from IO1), insights from the IO2, IO3, and IO4.

NGO with a team of psychologists from France

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Posted by ArKaHa Isay

Hello, I’m Arzu IŞIK We are a group of three (3) teachers from a primary education school called primary Teğmen Kalmaz. Our school has 716 students and we have 33 teachers. Our pupils are between 5-11 years old. Our institution is located in the capital of Türkiye in Ankara. The monument of Atatürk, the commander-in-chief of the liberation war, one of the most important wars of the world, and the founder of our country, is the symbol of honor of our city At the same time, Due to its unique natural beauty and hosting many civilizations, our country is the focus of tourists and especially historians with its rich historical heritage. Since we believe that an original future can be built only through creative thinking, we are preparing a project for children who meet under a colorful rainbow by embracing all their differences with love. Our project includes creative learning with drama, games, short film, outdoor activities and various art events. And also This Project involves job shadowing and a teachers seminar. We think that partnering with you in this K210 Erasmus+ project that we have prepared will be of mutual benefit. If you agree with us, let's join a wonderful partnership. If you are interested, about our primary school and about our current Erasmus + Project, for all the information please contact. us as soon as possible at arzuyildiz.isik@gmail.com We are really looking forward to your response! Best regards,

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