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Published: 07.06.2021

Wir suchen eine Schule in Spanien um die Spanischkenntnisse unserer Schülern an Hand von geeigneten Projekten zu verbessern. Unsere Schwerpunkte sind Sport, Kunst, Musik NAWI, Geographie, Geschichte.
We are looking for a school in Spain to improve the Spanish skills of our students on the basis of suitable projects.
Our focus is on sports, art, music NAWI, geography, history.

Wir erwarten eine langfristige Zusammenarbeit, in der wir jedes Jahr ein Projekt zum unterschiedlichen Thema durchführen. Austausch der Schüler soll 2x im Jahr (Spanien-Hamburg, Hamburg-Spanien), für 1-2 Wochen statt finden. Wir sind Erasmus+ akkreditiert.
We expect a long-term cooperation in which we carry out a project on a different topic every year. Exchange of students should take place twice a year (Spain-Hamburg, Hamburg-Spain) for 1-2 weeks. We are Erasmus + accredited.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
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Field-specific priorities for school education
Promoting a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning; Reinforcing the development of key competences
15.08.2021 » 30.11.2022
Stadtteilschule Fischbek / Falkenberg (eTwinning verified)
School/Training center
Hamburg, Germany

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Spanish Erasmus+ Accredited Secondary School looking for 12 years old students’ exchange Dear Sir/ Madam, We are an Erasmus+ Accredited Secondary School looking for 12 years old students' exchange. We are a secondary school in Córdoba, in southern Spain. Our city has four World Heritage Sights. We have a long history of successful European projects. Our school is a plurilingual school in French and English. Students here learn most of their subjects either in French or English. We also offer “Bachibac”, by which students get the double certification to enter Spanish and French universities. We are looking for a partner to organise an exchange for our younger students, the 12 year olds where they would practise their English. An exchange of about 10 days involving about 30 students would be great but we can adapt to your needs: we can send fewer students and spend just a week, for example. The idea is that your students would come to Córdoba but you need to have your own funding. If you are not an Erasmus+ accredited school, you can apply for it in the next call around October 2021. We are also happy if you do not want to exchange but just host us and when you are ready, come to Spain. If students have to pay for their exchange, we can arrange an economic itinerary within our city, as it has many interesting places to visit. If you think 12 year olds students are too young for an exchange, we can also stay at a youth hostel or hotel instead of exchanging students and do the same when in Spain. You will organise the itinerary and shared activities at your school and we will do the same when in our country. More details about Erasmus Accreditations here: https://www.teacheracademy.eu/blog/new-erasmus-plus-program-2021-2027/ Know more about our school at: http://iesbi.es/ More about our beautiful city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dnFxBb_TCTY Our Twinspace of our present Erasmus+: https://twinspace.etwinning.net/127231 Our webpage of a recent Erasmus+: http://www.smart-wellness.es Contact us at Inmaculada Gañán: mgancab026@iesbi.es or Araceli Plata: aplaher191@iesbi.es We are a reliable partner! Looking forward to hearing from you English Department "IES Blas Infante". Córdoba. Spain

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Stadtteilschule Fischbek / Falkenberg
Stadtteilschule Fischbek / Falkenberg


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