Reporting my future profession

“The main aim of the project "Reporting my future profession" is to increase the awareness among young students about the possible choice of their future occupation. Journalism will be the tool to reach this target and a chance to improve the competence in media skills. Interviews with employees, businessmen, craftsmen , free-lancers etc. and film reports on their everyday work will not only contribute to making the right decision about the student's future career but also develop the basic workshop of a journalist. The project is addressed to students aged 13 - 16 and it involves the youth exchange among the partners.
The partnerships built within the project will bring us a number of extra values. Apart from understanding the cultural differences and advancing the communication skills, our enterprise will give all the participants fresh energy to work on self-improvement and creativity. The perspective to face the young peers and also adult colleagues from abroad will certainly increase our motivation and give us a possibility to learn new methods of work and exchange good practices. To intensify the communication between the participants and enhance the transfer of our experiences, there will be a special website devoted to show the effects of our work focusing basically on the film reports produced by the students. Thanks to such tools and activities implemented in the project, it is going to be both a fruitful and rewarding lesson and an educational adventure.”

Schools with students up to 17 years

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School/Training center
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Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Lithuania; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom
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Posted by serdar er

Dear sir or madam, I am the principle of an Anatolian High School in Bitlis,Turkey. There are 345 students between 12-19 ages and 34 staff at our school. The instructors of our school are very experienced and willing about projects. We found the subject of your project interesting and we ilke to contribute to you project. . If you like us to be your partner could you please send us a detailed form of the Project so we can help you,too. We would really appreciate to work with you. Looking forward to hearing from you. All my best… Devran AÇIKYOL GÜROYMAK ANATOLIAN HIGH SCHOOL TURKEY

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Dear sir or madam, I work as an English teacher in a Secondary School in Italy. In our school there are about 780 students between 14-18 and about 70 teachers. We are very interested in taking part in your Project. Our school has a long experience in European Projects and we really believe in this kind of cooperation. We'd like to apply in Feb, 2017 to be ready to start in Sep. 2017. We would really appreciate to work with you. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best Annalisa Settimio

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Posted by Stefano Calvano

Dear Sirs and Madames, I am a teacher at a secondary school in Pescara (Centre Italy) and I am dealing with international projects. In our school we have students aged 3-19, but we are interested in exchanges and projects for students attending the first two years of high school (aged 14-16). We are very interested in the contents and the aims you described. We believe in the importance of improving the personal and technical skills you mentioned, such as developing self-awareness and orienting the own future choices. We think the reporting method proposed could be an original and innovative way in order to achieve these goals. Looking forward to your reply ( please contact me or write to the school address: ).

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Posted by Tatjana Kristek

I'm a school principal of a primary school (children aged 7-15) in the town of Osijek in the East of Croatia. We have some expirience with Erasmus KA1 and KA2 also, and we are always interested to give our students and teachers opportunities to expand their experience and change their attitudes. The topics of Your project seem so interesting and caught immediately my attention. If its not too late and if you would like to take us as another partner we would be very happy. We are so eager to learn and try out new methodologies and we would like to share our knowledge and experience with all the partners. So if you are interested to visit Croatia and cooperate with a young, enthusiastic team take us please into consideration. Our school's website is My mail is: We are looking forward to hear from you. Tatjana

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Zespół Szkolno Gimnazjalny w Słowiku
Zespół Szkolno Gimnazjalny w Słowiku


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