Erasmus+ KA226 Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness

Published: 17.10.2020

Hello. We are a secondary school in Pescara, Italy. We are starting an innovative KA226 project about digital education and its importance during the COVID-19 pandemic.
We are looking for partners from different European countries who want to share their experience and make their contribution to the project. Our aim is to support teachers with strategies and innovative digital tools in the teaching/learning process we are experiencing during the COVID-19 pandemic in order to overcome the difficulties it is bringing about.

We will lead the project as coordinator and agree on each partner's tasks

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Iceland; Ireland; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom
Field-specific priorities for school education
Strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions
01.03.2021 » 28.02.2023
I.I.S. "Alessandro Volta"
School/Training center
Pescara, Italy

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Posted by Nihan Çınar

Merhaba? Ben Nihan. Okul kimlik numaramız: E10245527 Okulumuz Bodrum, Muğla'dadır. İki Erasmus KA229 projemiz var. Bu işte iyiyiz. Biz bilim ve sanat okuluyuz. Aradığınız tüm özellikleri taşıyoruz. Digital gelişim, kodlama, aurdino konularında uzmanız. 9-15 yaş arası öğrencilerimiz. Eşitlerinden daha hızlı öğrenen, yaratıcılık sanatı ve liderlik konusunda yüksek kapasiteye sahip olan öğrenciler, ilgi alanlarına göre bağımsız hareket etme gibi soyut fikirleri anlayabilir, üstün performans gösterebilir ve okullarından sonra eğitim kurumumuzda özel akademik başarı çalışması yaparlar. 13 öğretmen bulunmaktadır. ve okulumuzda seksen iki öğrenci. Okulumuzda yaşları yedi ile on sekiz arasında değişen üstün yetenekli çocuklar eğitim görmektedir. Öğrenciler, yaklaşık altı ay süren iki aşamalı değerlendirmenin ardından merkezimize kabul edilmektedir. Okulumuzda görev yapan öğretmenler, özel bir değerlendirme ile profesyoneller arasından seçilmektedir. Okulumuz vizyonumuz modern bir Türkiye için çabalayan örnek bir okul olmaktır. Görsel sanatlar, teknoloji tasarımı, müzik, akıl oyunları, ahşap boyama ve bilgi teknolojileri vardır. Okulumuzda atölye çalışmaları. Bizi tercih ederseniz çok sevinirim. Cevabınızı bekliyoruz .😊❤️ Nihan

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Posted by Isabel Balfagón

Bun pomeriggio. Vi scrivo dal Mediterráneo Culinary Center di Valencia ( Abbiamo esperienza con progetti ka2, penso che possiamo sentirci. La mia mail: Potete scrivermi e vi invio tutte le informazioni. un saluto Moana Costanzo

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Posted by Radu Laura

My name is Laura Radu and I am the Deputy Director of the Grigore Moisil Secondary School. Grigore Moisil Secondary School is located in the city of Ploiesti and at 60 of kilometers from the capital of Romania - Bucharest . Our curricular and extra-curricular offer is generous, including activities like informatics, modern languages, dramatic art classes, dance, painting. Our school provides education to 1000 children with ages between 6 and 14, having 20 primary classes, 18 secondary classes and one group of pre-school children. The Secondary School „Grigore Moisil”, Ploiești establishes numerous school partnerships and community cooperations, its experience with studying groups of interests and with interinstitutional communication allowing it to initiate, within the framework of the associated programmes, cooperations for which there are no precedents for a secondary school. The school has coordonated Comenius projects with extensive actions of good practices and management exchange, as well as being partner within 5 Erasmus + KA 2 projects. If you are interested in collaborating between our schools, you can contact me at this mail adress

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Hello; I am writing from Istanbul Avcılar District Directorate of National Education. We have been running and coordinating Erasmus projects for 6 years. Since we are the District Directorate of National Education, there are 72.598 students and 3016 teachers connected to our institution. Our project about Inclusive Education was accepted in the 2020 application period K101.In 2018, our K201 project on Stem and Coding was accepted and a digital tool was developed as a project output. Since we are the District National Education Directorate, there are 73 schools operating under our institution. Our institution, which has 6 kindergartens, 22 primary schools, 28 secondary schools, and 17 high schools, has the skills of project management and coordination. There is a separate Erasmus unit in our institution. If you want to find reliable partners, we are ready to share responsibility. Tuğçe ŞENAY

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Posted by Maite Villalobos

Hi, My name is María Teresa Villalobos and I am the Deputy headmistress at Martín de Aldehuela Highschool in Málaga, Spain. Our educational offering covers Secondary Education (four groups of 1º ESO with 90 students (aged 12 ), four groups of 2ºESO with 90 students (aged13), three groups of 3º ESO with 75 students (aged14,) and three groups of 4º ESO 75 students (aged15), Upper Secondary Education and Vocational training in Administrative management and Electronics. Our students come from lower -middle and working classes. There are 658 students, 233 of whom studyvocational training. We offer initial vocational training in Administration and Electronics and electricity,and middle vocational training cycles in Administrative management and telecommunication facilitiesas well as upper-grade vocational training cycles in the same professional fields. Our school has been involved in many regional projects, students are very interested in project activities. Through the designing and creation of training pathways and educationalresources, our school aims at fostering students’ future integration in the society. Our school has also widely favored and supported the intercultural dialogue, aware of the importance of learning foreign languages, of respect for other cultures, of meetings among people of different ethnical origins, with an attentive eye on the weakest and the more disadvantaged. These types of initiatives are regarded as being precious occasions for cultural growth in a global dimension. Our school is successful in various education projects and it has a strong commitment to innovation in teaching and learning. Projects carried out in our schools: PRODIG : School digitalization, ALDEA:projecct directed by the science and biology department covering recycling activities, rambling and excursions to explore wildlife in the area, the creation of a greenhouse atschool and the foundation of a bird club with students and teachers as participants.GENDER EQUALITY: Project dealing with the visualisation of women inhistory. It is also related to the role of women in society nowadays and the struggle to find gender equality. Ka 229 Read Realize React for secondary students aged 14-16 and we have been given a k102 erasmus Project involving five short-time mobilities for students for the fulfilment of the workplace training module and three mobilities of job-shadowing for teachers. We are a team of five teachers eager to start a new project and keep on learning on digital eduaction. You can contact me by email.:

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