Teacher training centre from Romania is looking for KA226 partners

Published: 15.10.2020

Dear colleagues,
We are a teacher training centre in Romania. We are preparing a project about innovative practices in a digital era under the Erasmus+ call KA226. Our focus is on helping socially disadvantaged children from rural schools to keep on learning despite the pandemic and avoid school dropouts. We would like to first of all train teachers develop their skills within the topic, to develop an innovative practice and then experience it on students. We are looking for strategic partners who we can share their experience with us and bring their ideas to this partnership.
If you would like to join us, then please contact us.

Keep safe!

We expect school institutions, training centers, non-profit organizations and governmental bodies to join our partnership.
They would be responsible of contributing to the results of the project by sharing their experiences in terms of remote teaching/learning and the most efficient resources and methods they use to prevent dropouts during the pandemic.

Type of organisation sought
Government institution; Non-profit organization; School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; Netherlands; Norway
Field-specific priorities for school education
Strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions; Tackling early school leaving and disadvantage
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Hungarian Teacher Training Centre in Romania
School/Training center
Oradea, Romania

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Posted by Nihan Çınar

Hi😊 I'm Nihan. Our school ID number:E10245527 Our school is in Bodrum,Muğla. We have two Erasmus KA229 project. We are good at this. We are the science and art school. We carry all the features you are looking for. Our students age 9-15. The students who learn faster than their equals,have high capacity in creativity art and leadership, can understand the abstract ideas,like acting independently on their interests,overperform and have special academic success study at our educational institution after their schools.There are thirteen teachers and seventy-six students in our school. Gifted children who range in age from seven to eighteen study at our school.The students are accepted into our center after three-phased evaluation which takes approximately six months.The teachers who work at our school are selected among professionalists by a special evaluation.Our school vision is to be a model school which strives for a modern Turkey.There are visual arts,technology design,music,mind games,wood painting and information technologies workshops in our school. I'd appreciate it if you'd prefer us. We are waiting for your reply.😊❤️ nihansuel@hotmail.com Love from Turkey Bodrum Nihan

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Posted by Tuğbanur Gül

Hi from Turkey. We are a state school in a rural area. We had challanges about distant learning environment as teachers to engage our students in the education online. We are willing to be your partner. Please contact us via e-mail. mail: tubanrgl1@gmail.com

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Posted by Nagihan Gözoğlu

Hello; We are Turkey, a special education training for special education students and students in a rural area in Istanbul okuluyuz between 5-23 years old. The fact that it is rural as a region and that our students are from the disadvantaged group must meet the criteria you are looking for. We have eTwinning projects that we are actively running. In this process, since our students cannot benefit from distance education enough, I think there are many things that can be done together and I expect your return. See you. nagihangozoglu@gmail.com

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Hungarian Teacher Training Centre in Romania
Hungarian Teacher Training Centre in Romania


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