KA201 partnership - COVID-19 applications in 2020 exceptionally

Published: 28.08.2020

Dear colleagues, We would be very glad to cooperate with you, your institution and colleagues in the field of Erasmus+ KA201. Our PIC is: 945593928
Our OID is: E10052650
Website: http://mlfe.info/
E-mail: kina_dimitrova@hotmail.com Telephone 1: +359 896048712
Telephone 2: +359 896048707
Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MotivatedLearningFE/
NPO/ NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" is an association working in the field of education and training of European dimension as a successful Erasmus+ KA1 course provider. We have a huge Erasmus+ experience and would be a hardworking partner in any type of KA2 projects. Its main objectives are: Building useful partnerships of international cooperation and transfer of experience and good practices; Developing skills to work in an international team and foreign language communication skills; Formation of European and democratic attitude to the European Union; Encouraging and promoting the needs of adult learners for lifelong learning and professional self-improvement; Working on intercultural issues; Forming a sense of active European citizenship; Reinforcing the role of lifelong learning in creating a sense of European citizenship based on understanding and respect for human rights and democracy, and encouraging tolerance and respect for other peoples and cultures; Promoting European cooperation in quality assurance in all sectors of education and training; Working and collaborating with all sectors of the community ( professionals, young people, adults, children, men, women, elderly), and especially those at risk of social marginalization; Promoting social inclusion of young people, pensioners, the unemployed, minorities, the poor and people with disabilities; Improving and developing literacy of adults in various aspects, such as: - Practical teaching skills, techniques and methodologies; - Content and presentation of the material in the field of education to literacy; - Management of institutions/organizations offering literacy courses to adults; - The aspects of education for adult literacy persons connected with the system and policies. NPO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" has a reach experience in Life Long Learning Programme, such as preparation of seven Comenius projects - multilateral and bilateral, for primary school; participation in study visits, in EU workshops and seminars. In 2013 NPO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" has organized in-service Comenius and Grundtvig training courses under LLP in Madrid, Spain. Since 2014 NPO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" has implemented hundreds training courses in the field of KA1 of Erasmus+: Learning Mobility of Individuals in top EU locations, such as: Sweden, Finland, Spain, Germany, Italy, Slovenia, Czech Republic, United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, the Netherlands. NGO "Motivated Learning for Everyone" has received a very positive evaluation as a feedback from all participants of different European countries: teachers from Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Turkey, Macedonia, Romania, Italy, Poland, Finland, Slovakia, Germany, United Kingdom, Sweden, Estonia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Spain, Lithuania, Slovenia, etc. We continue our successful work in Erasmus+ KA1 and would be very glad if we could join your KA2 project as a partner, because project's topic is of great interest and importance for our association.
Kindest Regards,
Kina Dimitrova

We would like to take part in a Strategic Partnership in reponse of the COVID-19 situation as follows:

1. Partnerships for Digital Education Readiness:
- activities to deploy digital tools and methods to deliver quality and inclusive education through online/virtual means, including blended teaching, training and learning;
- activities to support learners, teachers and trainers in adapting to online/ distance learning;
- activities to teach and promote safer and more responsible use of digital technology;
activities to understand how best to incorporate digital online technology into subject-specific teaching, training and learning, including work based learning.

2. “Partnerships for Creativity”:
- activities linked to reinforce all aspects of creativity in non-formal and formal education, by enhancing the development of skills and competences;
- measures to accelerate digital transformation and use of digital means to adapt to the way creative products, cultural goods and events are created, managed, disseminated, accessed and consumed;
- activities to promote active citizenship and social inclusion through arts, especially among young people;
- activities to nurture talents and foster entrepreneurship (including social entrepreneurship) in cultural and creative domains;
- learning tools and resources, materials, courses and training modules to foster creativity, culture and multiculturalism;
- artistic and cultural initiatives with an educational dimension or aimed at raising awareness on societal issues and European matters (theatre plays, exhibitions, music performances, discussion fora, etc.);
- activities to establish or reinforce networks and new collaboration models (notably through virtual means) stimulating intercultural engagement and flourishing of creative mindsets among citizens, in particular young people;
- transnational mobility activities that promote learning opportunities in creative spaces and cultural heritage sites, including creative residencies for artists and creators in the fields of non-formal/formal education and youth work.

Type of organisation sought
Government institution; Higher education; Non-profit organization; Other; Private company; School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Netherlands; North Macedonia; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey; United Kingdom
Field-specific priorities for school education
Reinforcing the development of key competences; Strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions
Motivated Learning for Everyone
Non-profit organization
Sofia, Bulgaria

Contact organisation


Good afternoon from Greece, I am contacting you on behalf of a greek High school. We are also setting up a similar project, maybe we could cooperate in one of them. Looking forward to hearing from you Thanasis

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Dear Thanasis, Thank you very much for your message! We would be very glad to cooperate with you and your school in your project. I would kindly suggest, that we exchange details and information via email: kina_dimitrova@hotmail.com Looking forward to our communication and cooperation. Wishing you a wonderful day ahead! Warmest Regards, Kina

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Posted by Nadia Circu

Hi, I am Nadia, teacher of ICT at The Teaching Staff House from Neamt County, Romania, a resource, educational and managerial assistance centre for teachers, with the role of promoting innovation and reform in education, in correlation with professional standards for the teaching profession, quality standards and professional competencies, as well as in line with national education policies and strategies. I'm writing to you as I’m interested in applying for the Erasmus+project. If you are looking for a hardworking, reliable and committed project partner, our school would be a great option for you. If you accept me as your partner, please send me more details about the project. I am an eTwinning and Scientix Ambassador and my school is an eTwinning and Microsoft School. My email is: rushhour_2009@yahoo.com best regards, Nadia

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Posted by Adem ÇAPKIN

Hello friends. My Name is Adem, I am the project coordinator of a state-owned institution in Istanbul. As you know, the European Commission has published a New KA2 Call for Proposals for 2020 on "Digitalization" and "Creativity". We would like to evaluate this call for proposals as an institution and cooperate with you together. I have carried out many projects before, with different donor institutions. But I do not have Erasmus + KA2 experience. In this sense, I need your experience and cooperation. I would like to express that we are open to any suggestions of ideas. In particular, we can act together on the use of digital tools and methods to deliver quality and inclusive education online, or on promoting creativity, especially social entrepreneurship. I would like to inform you that we will not have any problems with who will be the most suitable project partner for you (primary school, secondary school or high school) or even arranging the district national education directorate. We would be happy to partner with you on a project.

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Posted by Claudia Cirone

Hello from Italy, I'm Claudia, english teacher and member of ICT staff in I.C. Don Milan. We are a Primary and lower secondary school with students aged from 3 -14 in Lanciano, located in the East coast of Italy, (about 3 hours from Rome) We have great experience in Erasmus projects concerning technology and digital education but during the school year we also carry out many Art projects. Our school is very well equipped (interactive boards,3d viewer, 3d printer, zspace and many more).We are used to hard working and we would like our students to move around to exchange good practices and to be involved in authentic English speaking experiences with peers. We are very interested in your partnership proposal. If you wish, we can update our information and make use of each other's experiences in partnership with you. We're looking forward to an e-mail from you. For any questions you can write to this email address claudiacirone@hotmail.com

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Posted by Ezgi Burumoğlu

Hello! I am Ezgi. We are a school from a big city named Samsun with an international airport in Turkey. Özel Sina Okulları is a special education and rehabilitation centre which aims to serve to students with mental and physical disabilities and their families. We have adopted a sense of love and respect in education since 2006. The age group we are working with is 3-18 at our school. And also people over 18 are rehabilitated here. We want to reach all disabled students from all around the world and share good practices. So, we would like to be the partner of this project.

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Posted by Margarida Mota

Hello,i'm Margarida Mota, from Sintra, Portugal .Your project seems very interesting and we'd like to know a litle bit more details about it.We've several years experience in KA229,and we'd like to embrace tnew projects concerning new strategies of working and learning in schools in this Covid time! We are a cluster of schools ,from kindergarten, and primary level to High school (From 5 to 18) ,we have 3600 students but in our secondary school ,they are 1200,regular learning and professional learning classes(Electronics,ITC,Tourism,Multimedia and sports). Feel free to contact us My email is:margarida.mota60@gmail.com

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Posted by Snezhana Mojsoska

Dear all, We are interested.I am prof. Snezana Mojsoska -full time professor in economics from Faculty of security. Faculty of Security-Skopje, St. Kliment Ohridski University (Republic of North Macedonia) is looking for opportunity to be a partner in E+ KA2 and KA3 projects. The faculty is one of the leading educational and research institutions in the field of security studies in the Balkans, committed to excellence in education, research, developing creativity and critical thinking. snezana.mojsoska@uklo.edu.mk

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Posted by Inga Urbonienė

Hello, the secondary school from Lithuania with long lasting experience in Erasmus + is interested. Our school provides distance learning to the students living abroad for 10 years. Nowadays we use different online platforms for learning and teaching. Also we have created a school management system for ours school. Our teachers and administrative are well prepared, modern and innovative. We organize trainings for other colleagues. We could exchange our experience. Contact me: ingaura@gmail.com

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Posted by Arzu Şahin

Merhaba. Türkiye İzmir'de üstün zekalı öğrencilere yönelik eğitim veren (8-18 yaş) bir okulun Müzik öğretmeniyim. Branşım gereği sanat eğitimi veriyorum. Projenizde haraketliliğe dahil olabilmek isteriz. iletişim için arzualisahin@gmail.com

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