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Published: 21.02.2020

STEP Institute is an innovative non-profit organization that is dealing with people development. STEP is based in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The heart of the organization represents a core team of interdisciplinary experts, who work along with different external trainers and experts. STEP’s members are educated in the fields of psychology, economy and sociology, so they can address complex challenges through integrated approach. With project activities and trainings STEP’s team help to bridge the differences between education and work, business and public sector, scientific approach and practical experience, start – ups and big organizations.
Mission of STEP Institute is to empower people for better functioning in work environment through innovative methods. It helps people to discover and nurture their talents, develop professional and soft skills (communication, emotional intelligence, stress management, growth mindset, mentoring, coaching etc.) and realize entrepreneurial ideas into marketable solutions. On the other side it helps organizations to realize their potential by engaging its employees, developing new skills with train – the – trainer approach and enabling effective collaboration through team coaching sessions.

• Professional development. Primary focus is development of basic competencies and social skills (like emotional intelligence, teamwork) for schools, organizations and private companies. Workshops, trainings, e-learning, individual coaching and peer coaching are the most common methods.
• Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Cooperation in designing entrepreneurship’s trainings, workshops and curriculums. Interactive approach includes tools like design thinking, business modelling, lean start-up and rapid prototyping.
• Social inclusion. In this area institute deals with challenges of unemployed people and young people who are about to enter labour market. It aims to increase their employability with combination of trainings, individual/team support and mentoring.
• Personnel and work psychology. In this broad area focus is on the selection process, assessments of learning and training needs, evaluation of acquired competencies and career guidance methods.
• Quantitative and qualitative research. Academic background and experience in marketing research is useful when designing evaluation of specific project activities and results. Another STEP’s strong point is qualitative research, especially focus groups and in-depth interviews.

We would like to be a partner in the fields in which we can contribute productively. Kindly invited to contact us as a partner for teacher trainings, curriculum development, and creating learning and teaching materials.

Type of organisation sought
Government institution; Higher education; Non-profit organization; Private company; School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Bulgaria; Croatia; Cyprus; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Hungary; Ireland; Italy; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Malta; Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Romania; Slovakia; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom
Field-specific priorities for school education
Reinforcing the development of key competences; Strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions
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Private company
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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Posted by Paolo Franceschini

Dear Sirs, I would like to state the interest of my organisation in your project. We may provide really innovative training format for: - professional development - entrepreneurship and innovation. We may provide both "phisical workshop" and remote training activities in following areas. - Business model design - Personal improvements - Strategy design - Competition analysis - Startup. We use state of the arte methodologies, enclosing: - Design thinking - Business model canvas - Personal business model canvas - Gamification - Serious game. We may also provide strong skills in proposal submission, having over 20 years expertise in European Proposal submission. I hope our profile may be useful for your project. You may reach us at info@idea-re.net. Best Paolo

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Primera Courses
Primera Courses


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