Looking for partners for an Erasmus+ KA229 project

Published: 17.02.2020

We are school in Zaragoza (Spain) and this is our first time applying for an Erasmus+ KA229 project. We are looking for partners to apply before the 24th March 2020 deadline. Our students are between 12 and 15 year and the project is about early school-leaving.
All the best.

Distant simultaneous work and several exchanges of both teachers and students.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; Germany; Ireland; Latvia; Lithuania; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Sweden; United Kingdom
Field-specific priorities for school education
Promoting a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning; Tackling early school leaving and disadvantage
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Colegio La Salle Montemolín (eTwinning verified)
School/Training center
Zaragoza, Spain

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Posted by Angéla Bodnár

Hello!My name is Angela Bodnar, I am the contact person of Tyukodi Csodák Világa Óvoda ( in English : World of Wondwers Nursery School in Tyukod, Hungary )We are going to take part in a KA229 project from 01. September 2020. Tyukod is a small village in the north-east part of Hungary near the border of Ukrain and Romania. The Nursery School here has got about 80 children aged 3-6 and the nursery school teachers ( 6 persons ) would like to visit your institute to get experiences from your good practise, to get acquanted with your educational system, your culture, your traditions and everything regarding to your every day activities at your nursery shool or primary school. At the nursery school in Tyukod teachers try to keep the traditions alive (folk dance, folk music, traditional activities from the past) and take care of environmental awareness, so they try to teach their children in the spirituality of these aims. If you are ready to welcome us at your institute with sincerely, we would be very happy and grateful to travel to you for 4-5 days from November 2020. any time when it is suitable for you . Please contact me : bodnarangela@freemail.hu csodakvilaga@gmail.com ( The first address is mine, it would be better to use, but the other one is also OK – it is the Nursery’s )

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Posted by Ferhat Akbulut

'm Ferhat from Turkey.I read your message in eTwinning for partner search. I'm an English teacher and deputy headmaster at Ayse Mirici Ortaokulu in Tarsus / Mersin which is a very beautiful city on the coast of Mediterrenean Sea. It is one of the oldest cities on the world that dates back to 7000 B.C. Tarsus is also home to St. Paul. We have an active project team working on national and international projects like Erasmus+. We have 3 active etwinning projects right now and 2 are over. They are/were all successful. Our school has taken part in two Erasmus+ project: one is about Health and Recycling and the other one is about Cultural Heritage. We have been in 2 Erasmus+ KA2 projects as institution. As for me, I've been in 4 different Erasmus+ projects and worked in these projects as coordinator or partner (1 comenius, ' KA2s and 1 KA1) and now I'm coordinating my project team. We have over 650 pupils at secondary part of my school. We have 4 kindergarten teachers and 80 kids, they are 4-5 years old. Here is our school website: http://aysemiriciortaokulu.meb.k12.tr/ I'm responsible for our school website and we can use it in dissemination. Here is one of the sites that I built in my previous Erasmus: https://eustudentsineuwond.wixsite.com/eustudents We have a strong communication with parents community at our school and we can host a meeting if you want. We support the mobility of students in these projects so sure we will be with our students in the mobilities abroad. We are only 35 kms away to the nearest airport so you don't have any problems in transportation to here. We are ready to cooperate. If you are interested, I will be waiting for your answer My e-mail is: aoeferhat@gmail.com

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Posted by Nicla Zaccaria

Hello My name is Nicla Zaccaria, I'm an italian teacher of primary school . My school is I.C. " M. Jones- O. Comes" and it's located in Monopoli ( Apulia ) - Italy. I graduated in foreign languages : english and spanish. Every year I prepare chidren of primary school for trinity exams ( grade 1-2-3-4) and I organize CLIL projects in english and spanish. I did many Comenius and Erasmus plus project. I'll finish an Erasmus plus KA229 on august 2020. I'm searching for new Partners for a new project and I'd like to participate as Partner , not as coordinator of the project. Let me know please My email is nicla.image@gmail.com best regards

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Hello ! We are a school in Targu Jiu, Romania with all levels of study, students aged 7-19 years, ready for a successful partnership. for contact contact us at erasmus.artegorj@gmail.com. Regards, Gabriel

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Good morning, We are a Private, State-Accreditate, Middle School and it is part of the Institute “Maestre Pie dell’Addolorata”. The Institute “Maestre Pie dell’Addolorata” (Pious Teachers of Our Lady of Sorrows) is located in San Giovanni in Marignano (about 100 km from Bologna) and it boasts a tradition that dates back to 1861, when the Blessed Mother Elisabetta Renzi increased its educational mission. The Institute has its roots in the Charism given by God to the foundress Blessed Mother Elisabetta Renzi. The Charism is realized in the passion for teaching and education. Our Institute seeks to provide an environment which fosters the promotion and growth of the entire person, through a lively encounter with our heritage and culture. In this school, the goal of instruction is the education of the person, that is, to construct the person from within, liberating the individual from inevitable conditionings. As a "Catholic School," this Institute bases everything on the Christian conception of reality, of which Jesus Christ is the center and foundation. The Spirit of the Institute: Educate the whole person by means of a solid intellectual formation, an attentive and critical conscience, and the good habit of reasoning. Make students sensitive to human and spiritual values. Educate towards freedom, coherency and responsibility. Know how to encounter and understand the "other" and learn to accept and respect him. Help each person to develop his uniqueness and personal qualities. Study accurately foreign languages (English and Spanish). Use proper forms of speaking. Create for all the students a calm and serene environment. Teach to respect ones surroundings and encourage everyone to cooperate in maintaining order and cleanliness, and to avoid disorderly or vandalous acts. Require attention and effort on the part of all. We have already participated in other Erasmus + projects and we are interested in students mobility and school exchanges to give students the opportunity to experience and share different cultures and traditions, focusing on the differences and similarities. Link to school website: https://www.scuolemaestrepiesgm.it/scuola-secondaria/ Representative: Silvia Gaffarelli Valeria Tinti PROJECT TITLE DEVELOP THE COMMON EUROPEAN MEMBERSHIP BY EXPERIENCING TOURIST ROOTS AND CULTURAL HERITAGE Objectives: - to improve the intercultural competence of our students; - to improve their knowledge of our common European cultural heritage; - to develop the students’ language competence and to increase their motivation to lanaguage studies - to develop the students’ awareness of social and educational value of European common heritage; - to enhance the students’soft skills As you we would like to apply before 24th March 2020. You can email us! progettimaestrepiesgm@gmail.com

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Colegio La Salle Montemolín


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