Last Partner Needed K229 = Barcelona, Denmark, Portugal and ?

Published: 14.01.2020

Hello everyone,

We are 3 elementary schools looking for a last partner to join a K229 project with students mobilities. The project will take place between September 1st/2020 to August 31st/2022.

Barcelona will be the coordinators, since we already have experience on it and we are looking for an elementary school (with or without experience on Erasmus+ projects) with a high % of migrant students or with a high % of students with socioeconomic disadvantages.

Thank you.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Slovenia; Sweden
Field-specific priorities for school education
Building capacity for organisation and recognition of learning periods abroad; Promoting a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning
Escola Rubén Dario
School/Training center
Barcelona, Spain

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Posted by Rita Somma

Hi!I'm a primary school teacher. My school is located in Gragnano near Naples. I'm interested in your project and I would like to join. If you are looking for a hardworking and experienced partner school here we are.

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Posted by Selim Çörekçi

Hi! Our primary school (300 students, between 5-12) is moderate but we have about 20 % of Syrian refugee students. Turkish educational system provides them extra-learning and adopting programs and activities. Our experience with them is great. I think we may further participate and collaborate on this subject with our European partners. Our school’s name is “Republic Primary School” (“Cumhuriyet İlk Okulu” in Turkish). It is in the center of developed City of Bursa, very near to Istanbul, about one hour by car), in the North-West of Turkey. If you are interested, or for any other ideas, let me know. School Web Page: Selim Çörekçi e-mail:

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Hello.We are interested in becoming your partners. Please contact me at

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Posted by Elena Perta

Hello! What do we have to do to become your partner? We have no experience, but we are very hardworking. My mail: Best regards from Romania.

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Posted by Haydar Bayburt

Dear Colleagues, I am Haydar a history teacher in Private Çorum Sınav High School (Özel Çorum Sınav Anadolu Lisesi) located in Çorum, Turkey. We are a private high school with 30 teachers and about 100 students. Pupils age between 14-18. We would like to be a partner with your organisation. It's will be our first experience. I'm sure that we can help each other to improve our skills. Our students can be useful for each other for learning a new language and different culture. In this way, we can share our ideas and We and our students can have a new perspective. I am so excited to be a partner with your organisation. I look forward to hearing from you soon, Best Regards,

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Posted by Nihan Çınar

Merhaba, size Türkiye'nin tatil kasabası Bodrum'dan yazıyorum. Ege ve Akdeniz'e kıyısı olan bir sahil beldesiyiz. Yaşadığımız bölge uluslararası turist çeken bir şirketir. Okulumda 7-17 yaş aralığı seçenekleri var. Öğrencilerimiz özel bir sınav ve zeka testinden geçtikten sonra okulumuza alınmakta. Üstün zekalı ve yetenekli Ayrıntılar. Toplam 78 öğrencimiz var. Hepsi de üstün. Okulumuzun ismi Bilim Sanat Merkezi. Öğrencilerimiz çok yönlü. Proje üzerinde bir eğitim veriyoruz. Kök ve etwinning konusunda oldukça istekli ve başarılıyız. Ben daha önce 2 Erasmus K229 projesinde yer aldım. İtalya, Yunanistan, Finlandiya ve Macaristan'dan ortaklarımız oldu. Sizinle çalışmayı çok isteriz. Okulumuzun web adresi

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Escola Rubén Dario
Escola Rubén Dario


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