Saludos desde Sevilla (España)!! Buscamos proyecto para KA229

Published: 02.12.2019

Somos un centro de educación secundaria en Sevilla, una gran ciudad del sur de España. Estamos interesados en participar como socios en un proyecto Erasmus + KA229 y estamos abiertos a cualquier temática, ya que lo que nos interesa principalmente es que nuestro alumnado participe en un proyecto europeo y conozca otras culturas y países. En nuestro centro trabajamos activamente programas relacionados con reciclaje y desarrollo sostenible, igualdad de género, inclusión social, valoración de la riqueza cultural y natural de la zona, absentismo y abandono escolar, etc.

Somos un grupo de profesores de Biología, Historia, Educación Física, Inglés, Francés y Educación Especial, y contamos con el apoyo de todo el profesorado de nuestro centro.
Estaríamos encantados de participar en la organización de actividades y movilidades en colaboración con otros países.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Field-specific priorities for school education
Tackling early school leaving and disadvantage
01.09.2020 » 31.08.2021
IES Joaquín Romero Murube
School/Training center
Sevilla, Spain

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Posted by Filomena Garofalo

I am Italian teacher from Frascati near Rome. I am very interested to project. I am a teacher of Vocational Institute is ideally located in the town of Frascati, a historic town which lies on the Alban Hills in the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani. Our students are 14- 18. If you are interested you can contact me email:

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Posted by Hasibe Şevik

Hi we are interested in collaboration with you.We would like yo add you as partner to our project please contact with us via

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Posted by Zoltán Brezovský

Hello , my name is Zoltan I am from Slowakia, village Hrušov and I am very interested in your idea. I am history teacher and headmaster. We are a elementary school. Our school has 100 students 6-15 years old. I find your project very interesting and would like to participate. Our country too has a rich tradition regarding folk songs and dances and it would exite us to work on them, present them and compare them to the traditions of our neighbours. My email address is We prefer to be Erasmus partner not coordinator.

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Posted by Rozalina Dobreva

Hello , I am a teacher from Petrich, Bulgaria. I am looking for possibilities for Erasmus + mobility for some of our students (14-17 years old). Our project is orientated to present our regional traditions. I am looking forward for your answer and I will be glad to discuss it in convenient time. Best Regards, Rozalina Dobreva, Bulgarian langugage and litearater teacher

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Posted by mehdi ozaydın

Hello. We are a secondary school (10-14 year) in the city center of Bursa. Bursa is a nice city which is the fourth biggest city of the country. Bursa is in the north-west of Turkey where people come for its natural geographic beauties. Bursa is famous for its skii centers and winter holiday. We are a state school. We are looking for a partnership for a project about students with speacial needs. We have special needs education programme with 8 teachers and 38 students with mental deficiency. For further information, you can contact me "" Mehdi ÖZAYDIN, Assistant Principal.

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Posted by Laura Tagliaferri

Hi dear colleagues! We are a secondary school in Milan, Italy. Our students are 12-14 years old. We are an enthusiastic, experienced and reliable partner, we have just finished 2 Erasmus ka2 projects with students and teachers mobilities. They were both great experiences of exchange for our students, they opened their mind and learned a lot... that's why we want to continue the Erasmus+ adventure. Environmental issues, gender equality, social inclusion, early school leaving and protecting the natural and cultural heritage are all very interesting subjects for us! If you want to cooperate with us, here we are! Happy new year! Laura

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Posted by Aspasia Papamichou

Hello from Greece. We are an elementary school of 210 students and 30 teachers. We would like to work with you. We have already completed a Erasmus K2 program with a thematic module on celebrating European languages but also on Mediterranean diet. You can contact us at email Thank you

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IES Joaquín Romero Murube
IES Joaquín Romero Murube


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