strategic partnership request my project 'save the culture,invest to future'

I am looking for partners for my project about protecting cultural and naturel heritage. Our students are between 15-19 years old. The aim of our project is to make our students aware of the tremendous wealth of their living spaces and at the same time provide them with the tools necessary to make the most of their personal, social and economic benefits.Also,we want to enable our students to see the interest and admiration of people's natural and cultural heritage in Europe and how this heritage shapes their identities and values.

The school coordinator will be in charge of leading and coordinating the project, organizing the different activities to be carried out for the project members. Each partner will develop at local level those activities that need to be carried out by every partner: study visits, inquiries and presentations with students, organization of joint activities during mobilities, dissemination activities, etc.The teaching and learning activities with students will be organized by the host school following the
program previously established and agreed by all members.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belarus; Belgium; Bulgaria; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Ireland; Italy; Luxembourg; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom
Field-specific priorities for school education
Building capacity for organisation and recognition of learning periods abroad
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Gaziantep Sabahattin Zaim Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi (eTwinning verified)

Şehitkamil, Turkey

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My name is David Rojo Fernández, from Spain. I have worked as a coordinator or partner in several Erasmus+ projects, most of them Strategic Partnership: Rurality, Bioenergy, All-Tourist, NWF-Network, Rural Skills, Agro-Basic Skills, Geotur, Living Heritage, etc.. (VET and Adult Education). In the past I participated in different Leonardo da Vinci, too. So I have many experience managing this kind of projects because I was working in two important Spanish organizations (ADESPER and IRMA SL). Now, I am the President of a new Non-profit Association called BIOSFERA 2000. We are whising to participate in Erasmus+ projects contributing with our knowledge. We are a group of professionals in formal and non-fromal education, specially in natural resources, biodiversity, nature, ecosystem services, geotourism, birdwaching, environmental education, climate change, etc.. So, if you consider it appropiate, contact with us to start working in new projects as soon as possible

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Posted by Fatma Genç

Hello We would like to apply to be a strategic partner in your Erasmus + project. we would like your help with the matter. Our school is located in Samsun Turkey. We are a private school providing Turkish education to the Turkish education system. We operate as both a secondary school and anatolian high school and a science high school. There are 224 students in our secondary school and 281 students in our High School and 85 students in our science high school. I would like to share other details or information you are interested in. Kindest regards. Fatma Genç Private Bilgi College English Language Teacher

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Posted by Filomena Garofalo

Hello I am Italian teacher from Frascati near Rome. I am very interested to project. I am a teacher of Vocational Institute is ideally located in the town of Frascati, a historic town which lies on the Alban Hills in the Regional Park of the Castelli Romani. Our students are 14- 18. email:

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Posted by Sandra Santos

Hello, We are a Portuguese school with students from 3 to 15 years old, but our team work exclusively with the age group of 9-12 years. Our school community is composed by students from different social groups and etnic minorities, we consider important to involve the whole school community in a healthy environment of different cultural traditions, where each one can take advantage of the differences being able to respect, learn and live with them. We are looking for projects partnerships with a unifying programme of experiences, cultures and ways of acting. We are looking for partners with new ideas and strategies and want to share them with our school community. It will be a rewarding opportunity to all the participating countries. We think it's important to say, that we are located in Evora,located in Évora, a medieval city in the south of Portugal, which is a UNESCO cultural heritage site. Therefore, we have a strong cultural heritage, which we aim to impart to our students. Email:

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Posted by Francesco Cillo

Hello, we are interested in being a strategic partner in your Erasmus + project. Our school is located in Genzano di Lucania, Italy (about 80 km from Matera, the European capital of culture in 2019). We are a public school with 4 addresses: 1) Scientific High School; 2) High School of Human Sciences; 3) Agricultural institute; 4) Technical and commercial institute. There are about 600 students in our secondary school, between 14-18. We are an inclusive school and we have students with special needs. As for our Agrarian course, we deal with the environment, pollution and conservation of the territory. The themes of safeguarding cultural heritage are part of our courses of study and our students are very interested in this type of activity. We are interested in your project and want more informations. Sincerely. Francesco CIllo Teacher of mathematics, computer science and support. E-mail:

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Gaziantep Sabahattin Zaim Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi
Gaziantep Sabahattin Zaim Sosyal Bilimler Lisesi


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