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Published: 24.01.2016

Therisos (Chania) Music School is a public nonprofit organization that falls into a particular category of leading schools, which take care of not only their students' general education but also, provide them with music training and education, enhance their acquisition of knowledge on music and promote their music appreciation and sensitivity. It belongs to a group of schools suitable for those students who wish to follow a professional career in music. Apart from the music lessons that consist an integral part of our school's curriculum, there's also another prominent characteristic that distinguishes our school from the rest of Secondary Education Schools in Greece and that is its mingling with the local society in various ways, such as free for the public music concerts or projects of cultural or environmental nature.

Our school, founded in 2009, employs teaching staff of about 40 individuals, who teach 150 students. The students' age ranges from 12-17.The teachers, owners of particularly strong CVs, seek to adopt innovative methodologies & student centered materials in order to increase student motivation & make learning more exciting.

Last but not least, there has been an attempt to empower our school's profile as a European Organization. To do so, we are after European Programmes. We have just finished an Erasmus + KA1 and we are very much into E-Twinning. The next step is an Erasmus KA2.

It's a KA2 - Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices
Strategic Partnerships for school education. The target is to tackle two major social problems of our times: racism & bullying. The educational policy areas addressed are mainly social and civic competences, but also communication in the mother tongue and foreign languages, learning to learn, digital skills & cultural awareness and expression.

The teaching/learning events include lots of Fine Arts, Drama, Cinema, Literature, Music & ICT.

The project is meant to last three years and our school is meant to serve as an applicant organization. The first partners are : Istanbul Kultur University, Edirne Hasan Rıza Güzel Sanatlar Lisesi, Edirne both in Turkey & a technical school, Sardenia, Italy).
We are looking for 4-5 dedicated partner schools, with strong European profiles to establish a partnership and have fun.

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Luxembourg; Malta; Netherlands; Norway; Portugal; Romania; Spain; Sweden; United Kingdom
Field-specific priorities for school education
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ΜΟΥΣΙΚΟ ΣΧΟΛΕΙΟ ΧΑΝΙΩΝ (eTwinning verified)

Χανιά, Greece

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Posted by cristina buta

Hi, I am from a High School from Romania. We have experience in many other partnerships. If you want to know more about our school and partnership opportunities, contact us on

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Dear Collegue; I am a headmaster of my school. I'm writing from Kocaeli in Turkey. There are 350 students and 23 teachers in my school. The age group of our students are 7-15. I already did 6 projects coordinated by the Czech Repubic, Cyprus, Poland, France and me. At the moment, We want to join a new project. So at this term we want to be partner you Erasmus+ KA2 Project. If you need a good and experience partner, we are here. :) I am waiting your feedback asap. ( ) I already did 6 projects coordinated by the Czech Repubic, France and me. 2009 – 2011 : Whe are we so different ? ( Comenius ) 2009 – 2011 : Art is a culture and identity of a country. ( Grundtvig ) 2011 – 2013 : European Cultural Heritage ( Grundtvig ) 2013 – 2015 : Heritage Of Medieval Experiences ( Comenius ) 2014 – 2017 : Home Sweet Home ( Erasmus+ Schools Strategic Partnership ) 2015 – 2018 : Maths Around Us ( Erasmus+ Schools Strategic Partnership ) We believe that If we have the chance to take part in another European project, there will be a big improvement not only in our own educational environment but also in our whole region. Hakan BOZAN Headmaster Phone : +90 262 352 20 20 Mobile Phone : +90 505 598 65 20 Fax : +90 262 352 20 15 E - Mail :

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Posted by Annalisa Curatolo

Hy, my name is Anna Lisa and I teach Italian in a middle school in San Severo, in the southern of Italy. My pupils are 11-14 years old and playing in our school orchestra; they study piano, trumpet, clarinet and guitar. I have already successfully participated in a Comenius partnership with 10 countries and would love to be working on your project. My address is: Annalisa

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Posted by Virgil Pamfil

Dear Colleagues, This is to express our interest on behalf of DUO Association from Romania to join you for the project. We have experience in similar projects. I sent you additional information Please contact me on Virgil Pamfil, Project Manager

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Dear sir or madam, I work as an English teacher in a Secondary School in Italy. In our school there are about 780 students between 14-18 and about 70 teachers. We are very interested in taking part in your Project. Our school has a long experience in European Projects and we really believe in this kind of cooperation. We'd like to apply in Feb, 2017 to be ready to start in Sep. 2017. We would really appreciate to work with you. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best Annalisa Settimio

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Posted by Matei Dan

Hello! I am a History / Geography teacher at Pui Secondary School, Hunedoara County, Romania. Since 2016 I am part of the European Schoolnet working group (Home) in the Europeana DSI 3 and DSI 4 projects - The Europeana Digital Service Infrastructure , where we create and implement learning scenarios. My role in the European Schoolnet team is to provide the teachers in the European educational system with models of lessons realized with digital resources hosted by the Europeana platform Europeana DSI-4 is an initiative that encourages teachers to share their experience in integrating Europeana resources into classroom. For example, you can find a catalog of learning scenarios on the blog, including Europeana resources. In addition, the blog provides stories of how resources are implemented in classes by teachers using their own scenarios or those of other colleagues. Learning scenarios: Globalization, national and European identity (LS-RO-30) - Teaching With Europeana We're interested in becoming a partner in KA2 project. If you are interested, please contact: Regards, Dan

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Posted by AYŞE KÜÇÜK

Merhaba ben Türkiye'nin Samsun ilinden yazıyorum 220 öğrenci ve 24 öğretmeni bulunan okulumda öğrencilerime din ve değerler eğitimi veriyorum. Proje konunuz eğitim hedeflerimizle örtüşüyor, uygun görürseniz bizde kurum olarak projenize katılmak istiyoruz. 2019 yılında bağımlı İnternet kullanıcılığı üzerine yazdığımız K101 projemiz geçti ve alandaki ilk tecrübemiz oldu. kabul edip ilk ortaklı proje çalışmamızı yürütmede bize rehberlik ederseniz elimizden gelen çabayı göstereceğimize emin olabilirsiniz. Böyle anlamlı bir alanda çalışma başlattığınız için sizi tebrik ediyorum ve başarılar diliyorum. İletişim için meil adresim:

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Posted by Dorota Białek

The school I work for is a secondary, comprehensive school with students aged 16-19. The school is located in one of the residential areas in Lodz close to various urban facilities. The school offers a wide range of classes with basic and extended programs in Maths, ICT, English, Geography, Biology, Chemistry, Culture and Humanities. Towards the end of upper secondary education, students take the matriculation examination. Success in this examination enables the student to enter university or other institutions of higher education. Our school co-operates with different institutions of higher education; Lodz University, University of Technology, Social Science University to increase the quality of teaching, thus our teachers are continuously developing their qualifications, raise the status of teaching resulting in better student outcomes. Our teachers also take responsibility for creating the best learning environment and providing our students with exciting and memorable cultural and sports events. As the school, we are trying to satisfy our students' needs and interests by arranging after school activities, taking part in European programs. We believe in education as the key to success that's the reason why we are doing our best to maintain a high level of education. However, some students do not show motivation and determination in their pursuit of success. To motivate them to further work we are trying to involve ourselves in international projects which are challenging, create innovative and encouraging teaching environment. The school has participated in various Comenius projects so far. They have been recognized as highly stimulating both teachers" and students' creativity. Furthermore, they have contributed to the prevention of students' social exclusion, broadened their minds, improved their skills, contributed to the formation of European citizenship. I am the former coordinator of Comenius and Erasmus +projects ( OGITES 2, AVOID, MUSIC )

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Posted by Itala Iovacchini

Hello from Italy, I'm Itala Iovacchini and I'm a teacher of English in a high school in Veroli, a lovely town in Lazio (Italy), near Rome. We have different types of high schools in my Institute: Lyceum (Linguistic, Scientific and Human Studies), Vocational school in food, sale and enogastronomy fields. Our students are aged 14-19. We would be very interested in your project about that important topic. We are a group of hard working teachers who strongly believe in the importance of cultural diversity as means of teaching global citizenship. Please, let me know if you are interested in having us as partner. My e-mail address is: Best regards, Itala Iovacchini

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Posted by Mehmet Emin USTA

Dear Colleague, I am from Turkey. My university name is Harran University. I work as an associate professor at the Faculty of Education. My main field is educational sciences. We are interested in teacher training. We are planning to become a partner in the KA2 project. If you would like to work with us, we will be pleased. We have 6 departments in education faculty. These departments are composed of classroom teaching (primary school teachers training program/primary special education program), art teaching, music teaching, math teaching, science teaching and English teaching. Also we have a M.A. Program for education management and inspection and music. We have 1200 students in education faculty. These students are candidate teachers. In our faculty, we have 3 professor dr., 12 associate professors, 15 assistant professors and 9 research assistants. My email for contact: or Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mehmet Emin USTA

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Posted by Liliana Cirtog

Hello, We are a rural secondary school from Sibiu, Romania. A part of our students have some educational adapting difficulties because of their hard social and economical conditions of life. Still we encourage our students to take part in all kinds of artistic and cultural activities and projects in order to increase their self-esteem. Being located in the heart of Transylvania, we can share our multicultural diversity with partners interested in. You can contact us at the following adresses: Alexandra Bujor, teacher of French-English,; Liliana Cirtog, teacher of Romanian- English,, Corina Deaconu teacher of English- German,

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