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Published: 10.10.2019

We are a school from ALICANTE, in the southeast of Spain looking for an interesting project for 2020-2024. We would be interested in collaborating with other schools, including mobility of teachers, even if the project has been already approved.
KInd regards from Spain!!!!

We are willing to collaborate in everything necessary for the good development of the project and coordinate actions in our center in order to provide quality content to the project

Type of organisation sought
School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Czech Republic; Denmark; Estonia; Finland; France; Germany; Greece; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Netherlands; Norway; Poland; Portugal; Slovenia; Sweden
Field-specific priorities for school education
Promoting a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning; Strengthening the profiles of the teaching professions
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CEIP Mediterraneo (eTwinning verified)
School/Training center
Alicante/Alacant, Spain

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Posted by ΉΒΗ ΘΩΜΟΥ

We are Herklion 8th Geniko Lykeio,in Crete of Greece.We support inclusive education for our students (aged14-18 years). Your subject for the project seems to be interesting for us and we would like to join it. Let us know more about your idea. We have no experience in Erasmus Plus but great enthusiasm to join it .This could be the starting point for future projects where we can continue sharing experiences and hosting job shadowing and other mobilities. If you got interested, I am looking forward to your reply: ivithom@gmail.com Here is our school website: http://8lyk-irakl.ira.sch.gr/wordpress/ Video about Heraklion city: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N0zWWaWik98 Profile of Heraklion 8th GENERAL LYKEIO: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1H41tae7BajVk40XCHWADuY_FqgX57LgEwqAUmZxKCtU/edit#

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Drodzy przyjaciele, pochodzę z Polski, Rybnik. Poszukujemy partnerów z chęcią nauki, docenieniem kultury i dziedzictwa, znajomością narzędzi ICT i zaangażowaniem w edukację, aby wziąć udział w naszym projekcie „Szkoła sportowo-sportowa”. Jesteśmy publiczną szkołą podstawową z 312 uczniami w wieku 7–15 lat. Nasza szkoła jest dobrze wyposażona w nowoczesne technologie ICT, a usytuowanie w otoczeniu zieleni sprawia, że ​​nasza szkoła jest wyjątkowa i interesująca. Tereny są rozległe i pozwalają na wiele obszarów aktywności na świeżym powietrzu. Liczby w każdej klasie są małe i pozwalają na wysokiej jakości nauczanie. Od wielu lat jesteśmy związani ze szkołą. Wdrożyliśmy m.in. Program współpracy transgranicznej Comenius. Nasz projekt da studentom możliwość wykorzystania i wzmocnienia praktycznego wykorzystania. Język angielski jako narzędzie komunikacji. Projekt obejmie tematy związane ze zdrowiem i sportem, które są znane uczniom w celu zwiększenia ich wygody i możliwości przekazywania informacji o tych problemach w ich kraju. Aby ten projekt był możliwy, konieczne jest znalezienie trzech kolejnych uczestników. Jesteśmy na etapie aktywnego poszukiwania innych szkół, które chcą podjąć strategiczny projekt partnerski. Jeśli nadal szukasz partnerów, chcielibyśmy być brani pod uwagę, ponieważ staramy się zaangażować naszych uczniów w działania wymiany. Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany naszą szkołą, skontaktuj się z nami. Czekamy na możliwość współpracy. agnieszkagorz@onet.pl

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Hello, We are a school at the east Mediterranian part of Turkey. And willing to create aproject together. We already have a project planned and looking for available partners. If you are interested don't hesitate to reach out. Sincerely, Gulsevim

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Posted by Ali İlengiz

Hello, from the city of Kocaeli where the sea, mountains, lakes and four seasons live. We are a middle school in the center of Izmit in Kocaeli. There are 750 students and 45 teachers in our school. In our historical school building which was built in 1945, there are students between the ages of 10-15. We are very experienced in projects. We have been the coordinator of 2 projects before. We became a partner in 7 projects. We are currently continuing 2 projects as partners. We have established 3 groups of project teams in my school. We love to work and project with these 3 groups of project teams. We are a hardworking, friendly team. Our distance to Istanbul is 60 km. We are also 40km away from Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen International Airport. We can write projects or become partners. http://izmitortaokulu.meb.k12.tr the school's web page Turkey / Kocaeli Contact: ilengizali@gmail.com

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Posted by Serap Kuşağlı

I'm Serap Kuşağlı İKİZ. I'm a director of (Garnizon)Donanma Anaokulu which is a kindergarden in Navy Town of Gölcük, not far from İstanbul. Our students' age ranges from 3-6 years old. We're quite experienced in composing and conducting projects including EU projects. We're an e Twinning School with a Europe Quality Certficate. We also have a stem department in our school. We're currently conducting a K2 project named "Move, Sing and Spy Under The Same Sky". Should you look for experienced, reliable and hardworking partner please contact us from serapkusagli@hotmail.com/ 00905311030601

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Posted by Cerasela Marin

Hi, I'm a history and social education teacher at a Secondary School in Campina, Romania, with students between the ages of 7 and 15 years. We are looking for partners for a project with the objectives of taking over of common values, equality, non-discrimination and social inclusion. From the description we have identified common points of interest and needs that can lead to a good collaboration between our institutions. If you are interested contact me by email to provide full details. My mail is marincerasela2005@gmail.com. Best regards.

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Posted by Andrzej Kozłowski

I'm an English teacher at a primary school at Górzno in Poland. My city is situated about 65 kilometers from Warsaw, the capitol of Poland. In Poland the National Agency has announced a programme for students. We can apply to get money for one week abroad (6+2 days for journey) for more or less 14 to 16 students aged 13 to 15 years old. We can do different things, connected with different issues, fe: cuisine, sport. music, culture, art and so on.........just simple experiencing and changing our culture. We are thinking about visiting a school in Rome, Italy in June 2022. We can offer the hosting school some money for this action, almost 200 Euros per a day of classes with Italian students, details to set up later. (the money pays our National Agency) The fact is that this is a one-way program so we can apply for money only for our school. But if you can apply for similar programme in your own country or you can get money from another source we could invite your students and teachers and organise some activities at school and in Poland for them. Could you just help me to get in contact with a teacher of secondary school (students aged 13-15) from Rome. If you are interested in cooperation or just simply to become familiar with the offer don't hesitate to contact with me: lennon41@op.pl Teachers and students aged 13-15.

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Posted by Mariella Fanizza

I am from Bari Italy I teach in a private school A Volta my students age is from 16 to 19.we have experience in Erasmus project and I am an Erasmus ambassador .my email address is mafaniz2@gmail.com

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Dear referent, we are a language private school based in Italy, Abruzzo Region. We would like to estabilish trustful partnership with other organization dealing with learning and teaching languages. Please contact us back in order to develop projects. Sincerely Lara Mastrogiovanni +393280928430 laramastrogiovanni2019@gmail.com

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