ICT strategic partnership

Looking for urgent strategic ICT partnership
for developing international cooperation with students in vocational upper secondary levels.
Age of students 16-18 years.

Similar subjects and common interests in global future for ICT.

Type of organisation sought
Higher education; School/Training center
Country of organisation sought
Austria; Belgium; Denmark; Finland; France; Germany; Iceland; Ireland; Italy; Malta; Netherlands; Poland; Portugal; Slovakia; Slovenia; Spain; Sweden; Turkey; United Kingdom
Field-specific priorities for school education
Building capacity for organisation and recognition of learning periods abroad; Promoting a comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning
15.08.2019 » 15.08.2022
Gjøvik videregående skole
School/Training center
Gjøvik, Norway

Contact organisation


Posted by Idil Merey

We are interested in your project. idilakcay2@gmail.com

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Posted by Jorunn Simensen

Can you send me and email with information and what you have in mins Idil?

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We are really interested in your project. Could you send us more information?Thank you for having time. lubomira.durcova@hotmail.com

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Posted by Richard Červený

Hello, I'm headmaster of vocational secondary school and VET center (students are from 15-19) located 40 km from Prague, Czech Republic. We're experienced in EU (Leonardo, Comenius, Erasmus+ etc.) and national projects. If it is possible we are ready to join you. Best regards Richard - cervenyr@podripskaskola.cz

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Posted by Jorunn Simensen

Hello Richard Is it possible for you to send me a mail to tell a little about your school and subjects relatet to ict, data, programming etc Jorunn

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Posted by Roberta Melasecca

we are the Liceo Statale Maria Montessori from Rome and we are very interested about your project. Could you please send us more informations? Our email is: erasmusplus.montessori@gmail.com

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Posted by Anna Cieśla

Hello. We're really interested in your project. I'm an English teacher and I teach in a not very big but very friendly people school. Could you send me more information about your project? We have never participated in Erasmus so we are very fresh about that. aciesla28@o2.pl

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Posted by Eugenia Foti

...too late? Hello! Your project is really interesting. If you're still looking for a partner you can contact us sending an email to genyfoti67@gmail.com Here some information about our school. ISTITUTO DI ISTRUZIONE SUPERIORE “CAMINITI - TRIMARCHI” is made up of four different educational paths: classical studies, scientific studies, professional and languages studies, with a total student population of about 1,200 pupils (aged 13-19) . The School operates in the North-Eastern Sicily in a territory which includes several towns and villages in the province of Messina (from Scaletta to Giardini Naxos and Francavilla di Sicilia), with different cultural, social and economic features. The area spans from the sea to the valleys of Nisi, Agrò and Alcantara. In this context, the school institution has been representing for years a cultural reference of major importance, whose primary purpose is educational. The school is also engaged in a broader mission, though, bound to the labour market, which is, today more than ever, competitive and projected towards internationalization, information technology and globalization. The school also encourages team and project work among the teachers as well as among the students. Behind every single project there is a team of teachers and students who plan, interact and share ideas, trying to establish a culture of collaboration and a dynamic learning environment. Our experience includes: - Project work: The National Night of Classical Studies High School and The Spring Symposium to preserve the Greek and Latin Heritage. The Youth for Space Challenge – ODYSSEUS II, Health Education, Citizenship, SCHOOL-WORK alternance (introduce the students to the world of work), Theatre and Music, Archeology Laboratory, Environmental Education and Sport, Cultural and literary meetings. - Language stages to Malta, Great Britain, Dublin, France and other European Countries. - E-twinning projects with other European schools (Ulysses still travels; The Genius Loci) - Local and National Competitions: Certamina (Latin), Maths Games, Science and Journalism. - We have no experience in EU project Coordination. In the recent past we have submitted another Erasmus project, which has been selected.

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We are interested in this Project. My e-mail is kaannderegozu@gmail.com

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Gjøvik videregående skole
Gjøvik videregående skole


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